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SOP Writing in Delhi


career counselling in delhi
Statement Of Purpose or SOP works as a game changer in the acceptance of applications in most overseas universities. It speaks of your education, achievements, learnings and goals. In this article, we will discuss the importance of an SOP and tips on writing an organised and impressive SOP. Importance of SOP in University Admissions: Experts’...
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SOP makes a big difference in securing admission to a reputed university. Here are some tips by career counsellors in Delhi, to help you write impactful an SOP.
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University Leap is synonymous with the idea of bringing dreams to reality for students aiming to study in their preferred universities. Year after year, a new batch of students enters the higher grade in school, and so begins the story of selecting stream, solving confusions and so on. That phase is exactly where our team...
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SOP writing in Delhi
Trying to write an S.O.P  and not able to know how to make it appealing? Then take a deep breath and pause! Look at what you really want to tell the academicians about yourself, your interest, academic-experiences, and goals. Also, how a particular course can take you closer to your goals, you have to write...
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