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Planning to apply in a graduate school but don’t know how to write an effective Statement of Purpose (SOP)? No worries. As an SOP makes a huge difference in getting admission to a reputed graduate school, following are some tips that will help you write an impactful SOP.

7 Major Guidelines on Writing an SOP for Graduate School 

  • Define your purpose – If you are able to address your life purpose, there are better chances of impressing the admissions’ council. Colleges look for students with a defined purpose in life, which shows that a Graduate course in their institution shall align with your educational aspirations. Be clear with your intentions and you’re going good.
  • Describe your Academic Background well – Try to give specific examples from your academics rather than simply mentioning certain school events. Write about your passion about the chosen subjects and how wilful you are to study them further. It is better to be expressive in your SOP to keep it real.
  • Focus on Major Experiences – Find an innovative way to present your experiences well as the academic panel reads thousands of applications every year. Try to keep your SOP crisp as well as detailed, focusing on key events of your school life. In short, don’t beat around the bush but be meaningful.
  • Explain your Research Interest – Discuss your interest in the degree with reasons and explanations. Simply telling that you want to have a degree is not enough to get you there. Dig deep into sharing your outlook and career plans.
  • Maintain Length, Tone, and Format of the SOP – It is advisable to write your SOP in the correct format. 1-2 pages are generally enough. Read the guidelines provided on the university website to check their expectations and write accordingly.
  • Write multiple drafts – Do not keep this activity for the last. Start early and write multiple drafts so that you won’t miss out on any important detail. It also gives space to edit your documents after proofreading. In the end, compile all the details in a single document and move to the last step mentioned below.
  • Take feedback – Multiple counsellors offer career counselling in Delhi and help students get admission in their desired Institute. University Leap is one such counselling provider that provides impeccable feedback to the students. The overseas education consultants here are expert in their field and have years of experience of bringing students on the right path.

These tips will surely help you in writing an effective SOP. If you have any doubts regarding career planning in Delhi, then connect with our Senior Mentor & Director Ms Sakshi Mittal to arrange your first education counselling session. Whatsapp us for queries: +91 9899101239 (Virtual career counselling is also provided by our certified career consultants to students across India.)

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