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Even though the wave of science & technology is taking over the world, the importance of humanities still holds water. Students opt for humanity courses worldwide and build a fruitful career out of them. Of many overseas destinations selected by Indian students to study Humanities subjects, Australia remains a highly chosen one. And, the reason behind it is the top-notch Australian Universities and education system. That’s right! Australia has some...
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Statement Of Purpose or SOP works as a game changer in the acceptance of applications in most overseas universities. It speaks of your education, achievements, learnings and goals. In this article, we will discuss the importance of an SOP and tips on writing an organised and impressive SOP. Importance of SOP in University Admissions: Experts’ Views Conveys a Clear Image of Your AchievementsAn SOP, as said, consists of your educational...
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Studying abroad comes with tons of responsibilities. And, it doesn’t matter whether you are a teen or in your twenties, your parents will always be concerned about how you are going to manage everything on your own. So, this article is for those parents (we mean all) who want their children to handle situations maturely. Build your children’s future with University Leap by following the points below: Teach them FinancesStudying...
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This is a prevalent question that comes to students’ minds while making a career choice. Some people take it as an important factor in deciding the career path, while others consider it not so helpful. In this article, we will try to paint a clear picture of whether you should take career counselling in life or not. Read till the end and take the decision accordingly. Benefits of Taking Career...
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The UK has announced 75 scholarships for Indian students by partnering with some leading businesses on the occasion of India’s 75th Independence. These fully-funded scholarships are the highest in number given to Indian students for one year Master’s programme to date. Its major focus is to attract more Indian students to UK Universities and motivate younger minds to become leaders in their particular fields. Details of Different Scholarships Firstly,the Chevening...
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