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Studying Abroad is one of the best things that will shape your future. But it is equally important to choose the right country and college that best suit your interests. If you are struggling to find the right country that also has easy visa procedures apart from good courses and colleges, then you are at the right place. We have prepared a list of countries to minimize your efforts. Let’s...
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career counselling in delhi
SOP, the short form of Statement Of Purpose, is a document required by multiple universities while considering the admission of students. It talks about the reasons why the individual wants to apply for that particular course and why he would be the right candidate. Apart from this, it has multiple other benefits, which are suggested by our expert counsellors and are mentioned here. Read along. Reasons Why Foreign Universities Require...
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Quality education can take student’s places, and it is school where young minds are nurtured to bring their dreams to reality. Good schooling includes career counselling for students, where a certified counsellor hears them out and guides them accordingly. Why career counselling is integral for students? Moral support: Counselling opens up gates of expression for students as they do not feel judged in the presence of a certified counsellor. This...
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Best career counselling in Delhi University Leap
Students usually go through a lot of speculations while defining their career path. Some of those are related to what subjects they should study in university, while some are regarding the financing of their higher education, amongst others. That is when the best education consultants come to the rescue.    At University Leap, we provide the following services:  Career Counselling for School and College StudentsPsychometric Testing For StudentsAdmission Application GuidanceStudy...
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study abroad education consultants delhi
Even though the wave of science & technology is taking over the world, the importance of humanities still holds water. Students opt for humanity courses worldwide and build a fruitful career out of them. Of many overseas destinations selected by Indian students to study Humanities subjects, Australia remains a highly chosen one. And, the reason behind it is the top-notch Australian Universities and education system. That’s right! Australia has some...
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