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We talk about various career options including, Engineer, Doctor, Chartered Accountant, etc. but tend to neglect education as one of the most important & rewarding career fields. Here we take you through how education is a profession: its benefits and future opportunities. Benefits of Choosing Education as a Career – Education offers a wide platform for people to make an impact on society with their knowledge and learning.The most important...
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India’s IT industry has seen a drastic surge with the addition of 4.5 Lakh new employees as of February’22. Out of this, around 44% are women. Furthermore, according to Nasscom, the Indian IT industry is expected to reach US$227 billion in 2022. This reflects that the surge in the IT industry is not going to end soon.  Being one of the best education counsellors in Delhi, here we suggest some...
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Study Abroad Education Consultants in Delhi
Hospitality is a broad career field whose need will remain till humankind exists. It includes career options in travel & tourism, food & beverages, lodging, recreation and more. Though it highly depends on your skillset and interest to bring out the best in any field you choose in hospitality, some options yield higher results with fewer inputs & time. Let’s discuss them in detail. The top 5 Career Options in...
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best career counsellor in delhi - travel writing
Travel writing is a profession taken by millennials due to the career opportunities it beholds. People are curious to know about different places, travel destinations, culture, food, etc., which travel writer explicitly explains in their blogs and guides. So if you are interested in becoming a successful travel writer in India then here are the options you can choose. Write Guides and Articles about Different Destinations If you are into...
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study abroad education consultants in delhi
The change of lifestyle because of long working hours and more reliance on technologies has taken a toll on human health. This has increased the demand for nutritious food and exercise, making it a growing field as a profession. If you are fond of nutrition and looking to pursue a degree in the field from abroad, then this is what you must know. Top 3 Countries to Study Nutrition Overseas...
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