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Career Counsellors in Delhi for College and School Students

career counselling services in Delhi
Career Counselling In Delhi For School & College Students

Career counselling in Delhi has become an integral part of student education, keeping the current competition in mind.

Given below are the career-counselling services that students can make the most of.

  1.  Application Building & Documentation – Career counselling involves the guidance provided to students by certified career consultants in every stage of student’s lives. If you are planning to study abroad and want your application acknowledged then take advice from professionals and complete the process before the admission deadline. Consultants have real-time experience in helping out students with the application and documentation that will not leave room for any errors. 

  2. Course & College Selection – College selection can become a nightmare if you don’t adopt the right strategy. Thus, to ease things out, take overseas counsellors’ advice while selecting a course and college for studying abroad or anywhere in India. They guide students in following the right path based on their experiences and knowledge.

  3. Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Writing – The board of student selection committee come across thousands of admission application each year, which gives less time to you to make an impact. Hence, writing an effective and engaging SOP is highly important if you really want to get into that college. And the same goes with LOR. An effective LOR can make or break your chances of getting admission or your dream job, whatever your goal is.

  4. Scholarship Guidance – If you dream of studying abroad but money is an issue, then you are not aware of the scholarships that can help you fulfil your dream. There are multiple universities, private organizations and even governments of countries that offer scholarships to international students on certain criteria. Counsellors have a vast knowledge about them and can help you grab one with the right strategy.

  5. Visa Application – The task of getting a student visa is tedious but not with someone experienced by your side. As many students shift abroad to pursue their education and take the help of career consultants to complete all the formalities easily and on time, you also making the same decision will ease out the whole process. So, when it comes to arranging your visa, you can ask your counsellor to help you out.

These are the top 5 career counselling stages where you must contact an education counsellor. Apart from these, you can also take counselling for loan and financial assistance, quota related admission procedures, internships, government schemes, etc. And the best part is, you can find all these and numerous other career counselling services in Delhi itself.

Moreover, counselling is not limited to these services only. You can contact University Leap whenever you feel stuck in life.