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Learn how an excellent Statement Of Purposecan raise the efficiency of your application when applying for studying abroad.

When applying overseas, a strong Statement of Purpose (SOP) vocalizes your career path and aims to enhance your application. It helps the universities to choose the perfect candidates for the courses offered by them.

Here’s everything that you need to know before starting to write your Statement of Purpose.

    A Statement of purpose also known as the letter of intent or precise articulation of your objectives and your career path. It is written and submitted along with your college applications explaining your career objectives and the reasons as to why you are dedicated to choosing the specific subjects. The SOPs are usually to be submitted in the form of an essay but it may vary from University to University, as per their choice of inquisition. It is the most integral part of your college application as it forms the first impression of your ambitions, thoughts and dedication on the person reading your form.
    A successful Statement of Purpose (SOP) only raises your chances of getting into a college of your choice as it assists the decision-making committee to evaluate your life, career goals, personality for the university. Writing an SOP comes as an opportunity to pitch your objective to the admission committee and reasons why you can be a better candidate over other applicants. A well-written SOP also reflects your writing skills and ability to articulate your thoughts.
    There are certain essential characteristic features of an SOP that you must follow.They are:
  • Personal and financial background
  • Academic details
  • Work Experience (full/part-time, voluntary)
  • The immediate and long-term goals
  • The reasons why you wish to study at the particular the     institution
  • Reasons for being interested in the chosen subject/field
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Published works (if any)
  • Papers submitted (if any)
  • Interests or hobbies

4.DOS and DONTS to follow when writing an SOP


  • Plan it well

Create an outline beforehand and work accordingly. Sharing any personal anecdote that advanced your interest in your subject can be a good way to introduce. Creating pointers and categories along with listing down your relevant achievements and expertise, and most importantly all the reasons behind choosing the course and the particular university you’re applying to.

  • Work on the draft

Set your worktable in a calm and comfortable environment. Focus on all that you’ve learned in your education and work experience. Use active voice in your writing. If there is a gap year or an academic issue in your profile, positively address your reasons and talk about learning experiences. Make sure to write a clear introduction and conclusion. Always write your SOP in reverse chronological order.

  • Review earlier before you send

It’s critical to check what you’ve written. Revision and re-analysis helps correct the errors and gives your writing a flow. Keep an eye for errors in vocabulary, long sentences and grammar. Always get a second opinion, maybe from your professor, senior or an education consultancy in Delhi. Make sure you double-check and proofread properly and neatly before submission.


  • Stick to basic information and overview, do not overshare or write complete family history.
  • Avoid writing about sensitive financial details. In case you are applying for scholarships, you will be asked to submit a separate document for the same.
  • Only put relevant and minute professional details.
  • Do not exceed the set word limit.
  • Be crisp and to the point, do not use flattery language.
  • Limit the usage of technical terms.
  • Do not exaggerate or lie in your SOP, dishonesty or fraud may lead to rejection of your application
  • Avoid writing in creative fonts or on coloured papers
  • Beware with your humour, it may sound amusing or impressive to you but it can backfire!

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