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Preparation of any exam comes with a lot of information, doubts, and myths. IELTS is one such exam that opens up international opportunities to study, work or migrate for millions of individuals across the world. However, many myths are going around about the exam. Read along while we burst some of the myths one by one.

5 Popular Myths about IELTS Preparation are –

  1. IELTS is tougher than other English exams – This is surely not true. The exam is not hard. But, it requires a crisp strategy to clear it at one go. There is no pass or fail here. You get a band score on a scale of 9, and every university requires a different band score in its admission eligibility criteria.
  2. IELTS exam varies from country-to-country – No matter where you appear for the exam (the academic or general training) the pattern is the same across the world.
  3. You should impress the Examiner – Completely false. You should only be true to yourself. Speak with your native English accent with accuracy as the examiner only wants to verify if you can speak English well or not.
  4. You need to write more than the prescribed limit – It is not the quantity but the quality of writing that matters. Just focus on what to write and how to write. The answer should be relevant to the question. Don’t beat around the bush.
  5. There is only one Right answer – This is a long-lasting myth that every question has only one correct answer. However, the truth is that the examiner checks the paper based on grammar accuracy, pronunciation, grasp over the question, etc. It is possible to have multiple correct answers depending upon the meaning of the question.

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