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The world has a lot to offer. Thousands of universities around the world open the doors for students to get quality education. Many students migrate from one country to another to get the right education in their field of interest. If you are also planning to study abroad, then read this blog till the end.

There is no particular time to study abroad. You can choose to go abroad during High school, freshman year, sophomore year, junior level, or senior level. It depends on you and various other factors that vary from person-to-person. Hence, here are tips on how to select the right time for you.

Few Guidelines to Select the Right Time For Yourself to Study Abroad 

It is advisable to go overseas after you complete your High School. It is highly important to have some maturity to survive independently in a completely different environment.

  • Select the Time Carefully – There are chances of calendar overlapping of your school with the school you want to study in. Therefore, check the academic calendar in advance and plan your travel accordingly.
  • Decide the Duration – For how much time you want to go abroad for studies? You can decide it based on the selection of your course. It could be 3-months, 6-months, a year or to pursue the graduate or post-graduate degree.
  • Prerequisites for Studying Abroad – Many universities require a particular academic background for you to be eligible for the course. Check any such prerequisites beforehand.
  • Get the Best Out of Summer – School summer holidays offer a great opportunity for students to explore the world. If you are in high school, join a short summer program abroad and get an experience for a lifetime. A short program will also help you in deciding your future career in that country.

You can consider the above points and also take the help of an education counsellor for expert advice. Certified counsellors help students in Overseas Education Planning in Delhi. University Leap takes a step ahead and offers career counselling in numerous areas to students of different grades. We offer campus tours abroad that help the students in selecting the right one for them. We can arrange a virtual campus tour, in case you are not able to visit.

Arrange your counselling session with us and get to know everything about studying overseas. Our expert education counsellors will help you sail through the journey of studying abroad with their professional advice and feedback. WhatsApp us to book your session: +91 9899101239

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