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August 2018


career counselling session in delhi
In order to become independent in one’s life, everyone works harder; striving to brighten one’s career growth opportunities, now be it through joining short-term courses or full-fledged courses. What matters the most through all these times is a DIRECTION! A direction which is supported with abled guidance for a long-term growth and not for a...
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education consultancy in delhi
To counsel school students, University Leap shall carry a three day certification course from 7th September to 9th of September 2018, in association with the CareerGuide. This course is an interactive session between students & expert education consultants in Delhi to understand techniques, recent practices & trends of career counselling. Emphasis shall be laid on experimental...
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psychometric testing in delhi
A student’s dream often fluctuates when he/she is young in school. Majority of them find themselves clueless about what their future holds for them. This is the time when a student should opt for career counselling from the experts. The experienced career counsellers help a student find the correct career path for themselves. They start...
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