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In order to become independent in one’s life, everyone works harder; striving to brighten one’s career growth opportunities, now be it through joining short-term courses or full-fledged courses. What matters the most through all these times is a DIRECTION! A direction which is supported with abled guidance for a long-term growth and not for a short-period of time. That can come from teachers, parents, well-wishers, friends, relatives and others for that matter. Now, sorting together the suggestions of many people can be a TASK! To clutter things around, these suggestions can come from personal experience of another person’s life which might not be practical in the present times, or from an advertisement that one saw about a given course, so on and so forth. So, the question of the hour is – WHICH ROAD TO TAKE? 


overseas education consultancy in delhi
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Fair enough, isn’t it?

The answer is, that an education consultant is updated with in depth knowledge of not just the education industry of the PRESENT TIMES, but also with the psychology of school and college students. Concerns of many students and parents are regarding which courses/subjects are in demand in the market, or which would get the students better placement opportunities. At times, too much burden can act against a student’s well-being, as the world is asking for more and more in the name of competitiveness.

Gone are the days, when students only had the choices of being doctors and engineers. Thanks to the awareness spread through television, films, digital media, etc., on the importance of following one’s heart. Taking the idea forward, career counsellors in Delhi are on a mission to take the students through extensive career options in their interest fields. The career fields that weren’t even heard before are now brimming with beautiful career possibilities. Trends, fashion and approach towards education is changing by the passing day for good. Practical knowledge is given as much value as theoretical knowledge is given, hence giving students the hands-on experience of working and learning. This very trend brings confidence in students and they enjoy while they study and learn. The pragmatic blend to education is going to be the stepping stone to a great education revolution on cards.

There are those times when people question your career options and might as well not consider your chosen options as options enough; that is the time when the career counsellors tell you, that you are doing alright! It takes a lot of faith to stay connected to your roots, and not give up on following your calling in life.

To sum up the role of career counsellors, let us go through the graphical image given as follows:

overseas education consultancy in delhi

Career counsellors take up great roles to assist you in your career graph. The above picture shows some of those roles. Whether you are looking for study in India or study abroad consultation, University Leap is a leading overseas education consultancy in Delhi; all set to help your wings find the right direction to fly.

Book an appointment with our mentors, give psychometric test to know your potential courses, get university advisory, meeting/discussions with delegates of various universities planned, in addition to filling smooth admission application.

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