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8 Ways to Build an Effective Profile for Admission in Top Universities Abroad

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Application to foreign universities can be made smooth if students prepare themselves beforehand. Many students and parents are of the view that the admission process of overseas education kickstarts after schooling. But, it’s not the case. The preparation for studying abroad can start right from the school days. The students can pursue a lot of activities to build their profile while in school. Some of them are given below:

Activities Students Can Pursue for Profile Building

  1. Psychometric Testing: The students need to be sure that the subjects they are choosing are in line with their career plan.  In the school days, students have a number of career options in mind and a not so stable decision-making. In such a time, psychometric testing plays a vital role in helping students understand the career path best for them. For career counselling in Delhi, the experienced counsellors make it a point to take into consideration the interests, aptitude and talent of an individual student. That is done through a written test accompanied by a one-to-one discussion with the student. Students in grade 10th should definitely go for this test. Taking suggestions of a career counsellor value a student in the long run.

  2. Sports Activities Count: Universities abroad consider sports activities for admissions. Students having a good sporting record and fitness levels are preferred. Good health & fitness help a student adjust better in a different environment away from home.

  3. Community Service: Colleges and universities want to know how interested an applicant is in helping communities build themselves better. The idea of considering societal goodwill with one’s own interests is acknowledged. Students can join NGO’s, devote some time in a week or month towards building communities. When an individual connects to the ground reality of society, it makes one learn about the needs & challenges faced by counselling in Delhi
  4. Summer Schools:  You can take up specific courses in different subjects and activities, like music, dance, theatre, film studies, etc. These give an advantage to your skill-set! Colleges/institutes within and outside the country, keep carrying out courses in summer vacations so the students can make the most out of their free time. The skills acquired through the summer schools can be added in extra-curricular activities’ section a student’s profile. Above all, it is a great learning!

  5. Short-term Workshops: Such workshops can be done throughout the year! There are tutors and teachers experienced in varied fields providing certified courses that last for a few days. Students can keep themselves updated in their fields of interest, by attending such workshops. Also, you can look up to a mentor to succeed in the career that excites you. Communication and learning make you strong in subject knowledge and confidence.
  6. Online Courses: It is the age of digital, so you can make the most of online courses that you can take on the laptop or smartphone through mobile apps. These courses are affordable and you can take them during any time of the day. Some experts share online lessons that you can check to enhance your knowledge and expertise.

  7. Take up an Internship: Internships come as an opportunity for students to get practical experience of working in the professional spaces. The students can add this to their profile that they send to universities in India and abroad.

    If you are a student building your profile to be sent to colleges/universities abroad, then start pursuing any of the above activities. Take a free psychometric test and career counselling in Delhi from expert career counsellors at University Leap. Call us to book a session on career counselling in Delhi : +91 9899101239, 011 49322334

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