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The thrill associated with board examinations is incomparable, given so much hype around them since time immemorial. But don’t you worry, this too shall pass. Everyone has stories about board exams, and so would you. To make sure, it’s a blissful experience – here are some tips for you from the best education consultants in Delhi. Take a chill pill and read.

  • Focus on your strong points first

Yes, you should be thorough with every chapter and lesson of your textbook, but do not worry about areas you have never touched in the entire year (that too in the last 1-2 days). If you have an exam the next day, then first of all study and revise those chapters you are good at already. Furnish your strong points, and then move to chapters that could help you score better. Your strong areas give you confidence both before and during the exam. You’re all set to nail it.

  • Take regular breaks

There could be a lot left to be studied, but not at the cost of your health. Health should be your foremost priority. Eat nutritious food, and avoid junk food to stay in the best of spirits. Take walks, as fresh air is good for your mental wellness. Above that, keep your body hydrated by drinking a good amount of water.

  • Organise your study space

Keeping an organised study space helps you in staying balanced throughout. Sitting in a tensed environment with books stumbled upon, can leave your mind cluttered as well. You can play soft instrumental music to keep the atmosphere vibrant.

  • Interact with your dear ones

Talking to your siblings can be a stress buster. The best revision sessions can happen in their company, with you speaking out your mind, and making sure, you have important details stored in your memory. Group studies with your friends can be of great use. You can solve one another’s questions.

  • Make it simple silly

Simplicity is the best business when it comes to learning. Create flow-charts, diagrams to memorise lengthy topics. Focus on understanding the concept and not memorising word by word. Moreover, practice old tests and allot time to every segment. Time management is the key!

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