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April 2019


part time jobs for international students - defence colony education consultants in delhi
Studying abroad is a lucrative thought and why would it not be, when students get to feel cultural diversity, independence and confidence in themselves.  In this scenario, alongside their college education, they look for a part-time job, both for experience and money to meet their daily-expenses. Here are some pointers that you should keep in...
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prepare for GRE - career counselling in delhi
When any student looks out opportunities for pursuing a Masters (MBA) Degree abroad, there can be speculations one can have in mind regarding the process. It is at that time that a student learns about certain standardised tests that make the admission process easier. One such test is the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) where the...
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Right education matters a great deal in a student’s life, as it prepares one for a bright career ahead. One of the prime motives and mission of study abroad education consultants in Delhi is to help students attain the right education. On the same lines, University Leap in association with Directions Hub is proud to...
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