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Studying abroad is a lucrative thought and why would it not be, when students get to feel cultural diversity, independence and confidence in themselves.  In this scenario, alongside their college education, they look for a part-time job, both for experience and money to meet their daily-expenses. Here are some pointers that you should keep in mind to be productive at work:

Keep the Right Posture at Work

Your health should always be your first priority, work can come later. Keep a check on your posture because having improper posture can affect your health and your mental state. If your work requires long hours on a computer then make sure that your wrists are straight when you use the keyboard. You should sit on a comfortable chair, and use the backrest for support. The contrast and brightness of the computer screen should be adjusted according to the light requirement as well. 

 Maintain Work – Study Balance

Creating a work-study balance is a necessity, else you could miss out the focus. Not submitting college assignments on time, and not preparing for examinations well could make you regret your choices later. University grades and report plays a crucial role when you’re job hunting after the completion of your course. So take care of this fact too!

Take Short Breaks Between Your Shift

Give yourself time-off from incessant work-load. This would help you align your thoughts and empower you to attract positivity and strength in life. Too much pressure can act against your sense of happiness, so take it easy.

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Never Compromise on Cleanliness

Believe it or not, but your surroundings affect your mood. If you keep your desk clean, and stuff around sorted; then you could concentrate better and not feel fatigued or at a loss of energy.

Speak to your Supervisor about Stress-Related Issues

It is wise to discuss your issues with your supervisor or manager at work. This could help you de-stress and create mental harmony. The impact of the same could be seen in your work as well!

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