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Right education matters a great deal in a student’s life, as it prepares one for a bright career ahead. One of the prime motives and mission of study abroad education consultants in Delhi is to help students attain the right education. On the same lines, University Leap in association with Directions Hub is proud to announce University Connect 2.0! Give the huge and active participation of both Indian & global universities, it can be regarded as the biggest career & education fair happening in the city of Nainital.

Nainital's Biggest Career & Education Fair
Nainital’s Biggest Career & Education Fair


You might be wondering, what makes University Connect 2.0 a must visit for you? Here we are listing some reasons to give you a detailed insight into the career fair:

  • Meet Delegates From Global Universities

Many students just dream about the leading global institutes, while only a few of them make the effort to learn about the existing opportunities. In University Connect 2.0, delegates from 16 Indian & foreign universities are participating. Some of them are listed as follows:

Arkansas State, USA Full Sail University, USA University of Creative Arts, UK University of Guelph, Kings College Canada, London School of Trends, Academy of Culinary Arts, Whistling Woods Academy, O.P. Jindal University, University of Derby, UK University of Dundee, UK American University of Barbados, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Dimensions University Singapore

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  • Get Aligned To Your Career Goals

By attending the one-day education fair, you won’t need to visit the study abroad education consultants in Delhi as they themselves come to provide you on-spot career assessment and counselling. By interacting with experts in the education field, you gain much-needed confidence to pursue the subjects of your interest dedicatedly. It is a wise idea to understand one’s interests and thought patterns before dwelling into them fully. So, you can find the path to follow in order to reach your career goals.

  • Explore  Opportunities For Higher Education

On conversing with the delegates of foreign and Indian universities, the students can learn the rising opportunities in their fields of study. This would make them better equipped to create a future plan of action. The students can inquire about the finances, work-permit and other requisites for education in both India & abroad, from the official delegates.

  • Learn The Admission Procedure For Overseas Universities

Different universities have different admission procedures and the visa processes also differ from country to country. Get prospectus and other details handy at University Connect 2.0 to help you finalise the universities in a given country.

  • Know About Scholarships & Lots More

Solve your queries and get-set to enhance your profile, in order to find interesting scholarships for yourself. Staying informed is better than staying in second thoughts about various things related to education and career planning.

Having said that, attending the University Connect 2.0 shall be beneficial for your exposure and mental growth when it comes to learning about higher education opportunities. The details of the career fair are given as follows:

Date: 24th April 2019

Venue: Boat House Club, Nainital

Timing: 10 AM – 5 PM

For more details or any queries, feel free to ring us: 09899101239

See you there.

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