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The designing field is full of possibilities in the present age! In a way, digital media can be given some credits too; as people are full of praise for the interactive designing and conceptualising that young designers are delivering online. The opportunities are rising by the passing day and you must know about this trend if you’re a designing enthusiast yourself.

Students might not have an idea about the career opportunities within the designing field. Career counsellors in Delhi can help them acquire proper awareness and guidance about their interests and related prospects.

Creative Careers In The Designing Field

  1. Graphic Designer
    One of the popular professions in the digital era is of a graphic designer. Graphic designing is a professional course and has demand in every company for brand building activities. As businesses go digital, there is every reason for you to learn this art of leading Brand Communications through visuals (given you are interested in it). Creative marketing agencies look for designers with suitable skills for social media branding, product packaging designing and website designing. One must know how to use software like (Adobe) Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign to name a few. Diploma courses are available for graphic designing offered by premier institutes in India and overseas.

  2. User experience (UX) Designer
    The job of a UX Designer is to enhance the customer or audience interactions on the websites, mobile apps and other software. A user-specific approach is followed, to meet the end goals of a business that include – convincing the customers online to make purchases (by creating an engaging user-experience).

  3. Photographer 
    Over the years, the respect and demand for photographers have increased. In the social media world, everyone loves sharing stories through photographs, but that alone doesn’t make one a Photographer. Photography courses give an edge to the photography enthusiasts, who want to pursue a career in it. Both government and private institutes offer such courses in India. Within photography, there are sub-categories such as commercial photography, social photography, etc. People do look for quality and reliability in a photographer. Good quality gets one recommendations, like in any other profession. So work on enhancing your craft first before you take up any assignment.

  4. Interior Designer
    The profession of an Interior Designer is a creative one and involves clear communication in explaining concepts and ideas, to Architects and Builders. The designers plan the interior appeal (aesthetics, colour schemes), furniture, flooring, lighting, etc. Understanding of Computer-Aided Drafting/Design (CAD) software is required for 2D & 3D drafting as well as designing. One doesn’t change the home layout every other day, hence, whenever a home is under construction; the role of an Interior Designer in shaping it is massive!

  5. Multimedia Artist & Animator
    Professionals with skills of animation work on creating video-games, films, ads and motion graphics. They can create 2D & 3D moving images that make story-telling effortless and effective. Brands use animations to increase user-engagements and customer creation as well. These professionals either work in teams for big projects like in film-making or also do freelance work to help businesses scale. They either work on software such as Maya, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. or create animations using their coding skills.

  6. Advertiser
    Advertising is a diverse opportunity, which requires creative ideation, campaign/media planning, budgeting, team management, communication. It could be related to selling physical ad space or running online campaigns, both require goal-setting and result-oriented approach for the benefit of the clients.

  7. Art Director
    The job of Art Directors is akin to that of the Team Leaders. They communicate client requirements to a team of designers and analyse the results before presenting them to the clients. Most of the magazines, publications and newspapers have a great need for Art Directors. Those who have experience of working in all kinds of budgets, strict deadlines and have qualities such as patience and perseverance to match client satisfaction and brand image.

  8. Fashion Designer
    Fashion Designing requires a lot of research, artistic frame of mind and business sense. Designing of clothing and accessories includes sketching, working on digital software in some cases; and curating Fashion shows and exhibitions. With experience comes the confidence and knowledge about the nitty-gritty details related to the profession. Colleges across the country offer graduate and post-graduate courses in Fashion designing. Like any other field of study, Fashion involves deep study and involvement in the process of designing.

  9. Film & Video Editor 
    The role of a Film or Video Editor involves a lot of patience. It is fully technical work on video editing software and asks for teamwork and coordination. Video Editors also do freelance work for marketing activities of companies. Freelance opportunities for Video professionals are immense across different fields of art and business. Even the Event Management companies have a rising demand for Video Editors.

Now that you are aware of the diverse career opportunities in the designing field, you should make it a point to dig deeper into understanding which field is meant for you. To be sure of your career decision, take a psychometric test and book your session with certified career counsellors in Delhi. Virtual counselling sessions are also available at University Leap. Whatsapp us for queries: +91 9899101239

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