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Psychometric tests for students assess their cognitive abilities, behavioural response and interests. It showcases the mental awareness of an individual towards the surroundings. One doesn’t have to prepare for the test or cheat to prove anyone anything, since, it is an expression of the understanding one already acquires. The results of psychometric tests are analysed by the certified career counsellors, who have a great experience of learning the mindset of students.


Someone rightly said, that “It is not necessary to make all mistakes by yourself to learn the right or wrong. You can and must learn from the mistakes of others too.” This thought fits aptly when it comes to discussing the relevance of psychometric testing as well. A lifetime would be a short time to make all mistakes by oneself. So what to do? Take precautionary measures from your end, so you sail through the trough smoothly. The answer to effective education planning is: “by taking a psychometric test and understanding the suitable career opportunities.” Especially for students in 9th and 10th grade, it is necessary to talk to a career consultant about future planning.

A psychometric test is also referred to as the subject or stream selector test. Different types of psychometric tests are available, that would be beneficial for the students. You can check with a counsellor to learn which one would be more suitable for you.

How does it help students?

There are plenty of ways in which a psychometric test can help students in their lives. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Boosts Confidence 
    When a student shares one’s interests and likenesses with the counsellor, he/she gets a sense of inner reflection on those things. Sharing one’s thoughts gives a way to discussions, where the student also tries to think of what the counsellor is advising. That is how healthy talks strike and parents can also be a part of it. When a student picks up the right stream or subjects, the road ahead looks less difficult. There is support from teachers, parents and the counsellor. This is a big motivation factor for any student to score better in exams, and be efficient in one’s performance.
  2. Consistency
    This factor is beneficial for anyone’s success. Consistent performance makes Master Performers. When the career path is clear, there is no looking back. Students do not think of changing their subjects or courses again and again. This results in saving time, energy and efforts. In fewer efforts, greater results can be enjoyed.
  3. Mindfulness 
    Students get innovative, creative and resourceful when they know what they expect and want out of their lives. They attract better opportunities, create healthy study habits, which shows up in results over a period of time.

How does the test help parents?

  1. Peace of mind 
    The parents find great happiness and peace in knowing that their child is confident about the career he/she has chosen. This lifts their relationship with the child and opens up the communication channel. They do not have to worry about the future of the child all the time. There can be other discussions too other than studies, and that makes for a great atmosphere at home.
  2. Aligned
    The parents are aligned with the children’s studies and career goals. They support their choices and contribute towards better decision-making. There is no hiding of facts, and it is teamwork other than just the child making all the efforts. By following a particular direction in terms of career, growth can be felt by parents and students alike.

One does not lose anything by taking expert advice. Career counsellors are certified in guiding students so they reach their career goals in an organized manner. If you want to talk to an education counsellor regarding psychometric tests in Delhi, then connect with University Leap.

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