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Steps to find the right career for yourself!

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Career planning is essential for every student, to stay focused, joyful and cheerful in life. Lack of career planning can lead to stress, anxiety and loss of time. One must figure out the right path because it determines the future of a student. Here we share the steps to find the correct career path for you:

  1. List down your interests, hobbies, passion
    It is necessary to know what you like doing, to be able to make a choice. There are multiple things students like doing, be it sports, extra-curricular activities, etc. It is necessary to assess your aptitude and personality for taking up something as a career. Imagine spending your entire life doing a particular thing on a daily basis. Psychometric tests can help in finding the career stream suitable for you in high school. Sharing your interests and further discussing the career opportunities with teachers and parents can be of great help too.

  2. Explore possibilities
    As you find the top two or three careers suitable to you, take your time in exploring their future prospects. Their scope and what levels of education and skills you require to land a dream job! You would get an idea of what courses you would need to take and which universities in India or abroad offer them.
  3. Network
    As you proceed with finalising your career, you must attend seminars and meets where university delegates and representatives share insights about their institutions. By talking to them, you could find out more about the hidden opportunities that you could make the most out of.

  4. Find a Mentor
    It is highly recommended that you take advice of a certified career consultant, who can provide you with exposure in understanding about career opportunities related to your field. With this, you never miss out on the important details in relation to higher education. You have the backing of a specialist you would guide you from step to step, as you follow your career goals.

  5. Internships/Short-term Projects
    Join an internship or take up short-term projects, so you get a first-hand experience of how it feels to be working professionally. This can make you confident about your choices, and see the determined you!

In addition to the points above, you could maintain a daily journal! Write about your day-to-day activities, to-do list, achievements as well as address your fears (to find the steps to overcome it). To learn more, you could book your career counselling session in Delhi with our Director & Senior Mentor, Ms. Sakshi Mittal.

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