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Sakshi Mittal is the best education counsellor in delhi

Education consultancy is gaining recognition and center-stage when it comes to career planning of students especially for higher education in India & abroad. Importantly because, it involves decision-making for one’s life all at once. One bad decision and you land at square one, repenting why you didn’t take the guidance and help of experts when you had the option. The question can pop-up in one’s mind, on whom to trust for education consultancy? The answers can be school teachers, guardians, parents, friends and so on.

Here your thoughts should definitely focus on consulting the best career counsellor in Delhi, or the city where you stay.

There can be many parameters to judge a good career counsellor, but some parameters that are must-haves’ can be found as follows:

1.) Warm, Attentive & Clear in Approach

The certified education consultants would always allow you time to explain your doubts, and share advise / options only after taking into account your thoughts. There will be no bombarding of free advise, but suggestions to help you understand your career roadmap better. The counsellor would be attentive to your idea, and offer only valuable / correct knowledge about study in India & abroad opportunities. You would also be provided with information in terms of universities’ prospectus to further understand the admission criteria and necessary requirements to be met by you.

2.) Get on-spot Career Assessment & Profile Analysis

The best career counsellors in Delhi would offer you on-spot career assessment, and explain you which courses would be beneficial for your career mapping and growth. In the following days, you would get notified about upcoming seminars with foreign delegates of universities – where you could get a one-to-one consultation session with them, regarding study abroad plans and goals. Once you consult an education consultant, you get into a strong and respected relationship; where the consultants guide you from step to step and point to point, till the time your higher education goals are achieved.

3.) Easy Accessibility

The career consultants need to be in constant touch with the applicants through the period of admission planning. This is so because, the certified counsellors can help students learn about a range of things. For instance, budgeting, meeting higher education loan/finance requirements, documentation, visa processing (in case of students applying for education abroad), and lots more. The consultants who are a call away to answer your queries; can be regarded as the best career counsellors in Delhi.

So, it is time you get in touch with an experienced counsellor, who has himself/herself had a good educational background. Because only when a person has oneself held national and international educational experiences, can one guide others correctly.

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