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So exciting! Finally you’re all set to leave for your study abroad destination. There’s nothing better than this feeling of amazement, adventure and happiness. It’s not just another travel experience or planning for a short vacation, it’s definitely about a life-changing experience awaiting you. So get-set-PACKING!

Here we give you a glimpse of what you should carry with you, and what probably you can give a miss – or buy once you reach the host country! This is a random list, but could help you VASTLY! Prepared by overseas education consultants in Delhi.

Read on to believe in our words:

  1. We had to begin like this:- Passport, Visa docs, Travel Insurance in your bag-pack.
  2. Keep all your original documents of high school (marksheet/TOEFL/IELTS result, health insurance, passport size photos, etc.) in one folder.
  3. A good jacket or coat would be a good decision, since you have to carry yourself to places. Keep in mind the climate of the country, and accordingly keep the woolen clothes. But remember, not many; only to fill your need, not want. For your love of clothing, go shopping once you have a safe-touchdown. 😛 Note: Concentrate more on current seasons’ clothing. The upcoming seasons could be dealt with, once you’re all settled. Actually you will get time to think. Over that, give importance to comfortable clothing than carrying heaps, to add on the baggage weight.
  4. Electronics are the necessity of the present day. And you already know which devices you use the most. The prime ones, mobile phone charger with a separate convertible plug would be of help, in addition to power-bank, laptop, ear-phones and battery adapters. Keep a hard-disk with you as well, since education is mostly on laptops, so you can keep extra storage handy!
  5. Grocery bag, wherein you could keep all your essentials anytime you step out. It seriously helps! Plus an umbrella is simply your choice, whether you want to buy or save some bucks by carrying one.
  6. If you use specific deodrant, shampoo, only then keep it; else miss it. Carry basic toiletries. Pack them well.
  7. If you’re carrying any medicines along, then having a prescription can be a saviour. In case you want to purchase from overseas, you won’t have to go to the doctor again. Or if the chemist asks for prescription, you confidently show it and get the medicines you want. Carry over-the-counter medicines and tablets like Vicks. To apply on the dry wounds, you can keep Borolin.
  8. If you are carrying eatables for your midnight cravings, then keep them in the luggage in airtight containers.
  9. Face-mask, you see, choices. We are just reminding!
  10. Pressure cooker, a small one of 2 ltrs.
  11. Safety pins keep you safe!
  12. Pictures of family to keep your room, apartment cozy.

We made a long list for you already and now come the suggestions.

  • Look out for discounts and never buy stuff at original price, especially when you are a student. When there’s no discount, wait for the right occasion, don’t worry, there are aplenty in store.
  • Keep a watch at websites like,; for products at unbelievable prices.

Note: You are not trying to be clever or smart, but AWARE.

All the best for a beautiful journey ahead of you!!

If you think you need more information, get in touch with overseas education consultants in Delhi – University Leap.

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