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Fashion is always the ‘trend’ word. Everyday there’s something new to look up to in this versatile industry. As per a report, the Indian Fashion industry contributes 5% to India’s GDP; as currently the industry is estimated around 108 million dollars, the figures which are expected to grow exponentially to 223 million dollars by 2021. In the wake of such motivating numbers, the future looks bright for beginners who are entering the fashion industry. Now the question they have is: how to scale up and make one’s presence felt in the industry? Here’s what the education consultants have got to say about it.

education counsellor in delhi

  1. Get Admitted to a Fashion Course

In order to learn the basics of your field, you must take up a course or diploma in any of the various segments of the fashion industry. There are various government and private colleges offering courses in this line. Make a note here: “fashion industry in the current state is not just about sewing or stitching; for it has opportunities for Managers, Photographers, Content Writers, Publishers/Editors to name a few.” The reach of fashion industry is multifarious and is receiving recognition both nationally and internationally. First of all, you need to sit down and think about what you’re passionate about. If you are not able to decide, then connect with education counsellors in Delhi  to gain a better insight.

  1. Internship & Work Experience Counts

If you are getting into an industry, you must be aware of its ins and outs. Because in the long run, your knowledge will determine your success. As you are in your degree programme, search for an internship in this field and you would learn the inside-stories of the Fashion industry. If you have completed your studies, then working in small companies can help you get advantage and understanding of minute details that affect operations. The benefit of working in a small firm is that, you are made to manage various roles and not just limited to one. You can learn leadership skills in a small company that can help you later as you search for bigger opportunities. The benefit of working in small businesses is that you can grow up the ladder of growth very quickly.

  1. Use Digital Media to Cast an Impression

It’s the age of digital no doubt, and you have to create your digital presence worthwhile if you are a fashion student or professional. This is because a fashion professional is expected to be the one with a creative eye for things. Be creative, share ideas, thoughts on the changing fashion trends and pick up blogging as a hobby if not full-time profession. There’s no losing behind, but only winning when you put relevant content online that further inspires trends. Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are best suited for designers. You can start blogging whilst still in college, because you give your passion the value it deserves, because hey, it means a lot to you.

If you need more guidance on how to enter this field, or want to find colleges/institutions for fashion studies; connect with the certified career counsellors at University Leap in New Delhi. Call us to book a free career counselling session: 09899101239 or write to us at

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