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What is Psychometric Test and You Need it for Career Counselling

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psychometric testing in delhi

When you go to the best career counsellor in Delhi for your or your child’s career counselling, the first thing he or she will suggest is taking a psychometric test. If this term is new to you, then this blog is for you. Read on to know what is psychometric testing and why you need it.

What is psychometric testing?

Psychometric testing or assessment is done to find out the personality trait and cognitive skills of the person being tested.

Why is a psychometric test done for career counselling?

Psychometric tests help in determining a candidate’s capability in excelling in a particular profession. This test helps a candidate understand his or her mental ability and behavioural traits and then the career counsellor can guide him or her to fields that best suit those abilities and traits.

How many types of psychometric tests are there?

There are four psychometric tests that students who have gone for career counselling often undertake. They are:

  • Numerical test: As the name suggests, it tests the ability of the candidate to deal with numbers.
  • Logical: This test is done to see the candidate’s capacity for logical thinking.
  • Verbal test: The communication skill of the candidate is checked using this psychometric test.
  • Diagrammatic: Problem-solving skills are essential in today’s world and this test finds how much of it a candidate has.

Why do students need to take a psychometric test?

Young students especially those who have given or appearing for the class 12 boards are often confused about which stream or line of studies they should take. This is a critical junction of their life and if not guided rightly, they may end up pursuing a career that is not suited for them. Hence, let your child choose the right career path by doing psychometric testing in Delhi.

Do only students use psychometric tests?

Actually, a psychometric test is not limited to career counselling only; in today’s job market, recruiters are increasingly using psychometric tests to find the best candidates for a company.  Employers employ this type of testing to see how well the candidates handle stress and their leadership qualities.

How do psychometric tests help students?

There are many benefits of taking a psychometric test. Some of them are:

  • Provides an insight into their weaknesses and strength
  • Help them find the right career path
  • Gives an objective assessment of their abilities and characteristics

So, start your child or your career in the right way; go for career counselling and do a psychometric test from a reputable place.

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