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Choosing The Right Career Counsellor: 3 Points To Consider

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Best Career Counsellor In Delhi

The board exams of all states in India are over and students all over the country are eagerly waiting for their results. Many of them who are not sure of what to do after their class 10 or 12 exams are looking for education counsellors in Delhi and elsewhere to help them come to a decision. If your child is also in the same group, here are some points to consider when looking for a good career counsellor.

But first, let’s take a look at who exactly is a career counsellor and what can you expect from them. A career counsellor is a professional who guides you or your child into selecting a career that is best suited for his or her aptitude. Not only will he or she help you find out the right path for you, but also guide you on what to do to reach your career goals. And the parents need to be actively involved in the process because career counselling is also needed for parents who often have unrealistic expectations regarding the career of their children.

Now that you know who and what a career counsellor is, what should you consider when choosing one.

The first point to check is the interpersonal skill of the counsellor. A good counsellor should be able to express his or her viewpoint clearly and effectively. A counsellor needs to gauge the student’s understanding and aptitude and guide them and their parents in the right direction in an effective manner. Hence interpersonal skill or communication skill is the first trait to look for when selecting a career counsellor.

The second point or trait of a good career counsellor is patience. They often deal with teenagers who are at their most confused state when it comes to their choices and life decision. Hence they need to be very empathetic and patient when they handle such clients. On top of that, they have to deal with their parents as well. It is left to the counsellor to listen to them, talk to them and make them understand which path is best suited for the child.

The last point to look for when finding best career counsellor in Delhi is the methodology being used. There are many assessments that must be done to find the dominant characteristic and aptitude of the student. Once these assessments are done, then only can the counsellor guide the parent and child into a career that is best suited for him or her.

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