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3 Factors To Look Into When Selecting An Overseas Study Destination

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Every year, Indian students make up a huge chunk of foreign students in countries that are known for their higher education. Students who go to study abroad do that because they want to have a global perspective that helps them to have a better future. This is why you will find parents of young college-going students finding good overseas education consultancy in Delhi to know which is the best country for their children to go to for studies. If you are also considering studying abroad, then here are the 3 factors to consider while selecting an overseas study destination.

The language of communication

European countries like Germany have great universities and offer excellent scholarships and grants for foreign students. However, the country is not the top choice for overseas Indian students because of the language barrier. So, if you don’t know a third language apart from your mother tongue and English, it is best to consider countries where English is the primary language. The USA, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland all have English as their main language of communication. This is why if you are not confident about learning a whole new language while studying abroad, choose one of these English-speaking countries.

Student privileges

The next factor to consider is how many privileges the country gives to its foreign students. The points to consider in this matter include:

  • Flexible accommodation options
  • Efficient and affordable healthcare
  • University scholarships
  • Travel allowance
  • A higher standard of living
  • Work options while pursuing studies
  • Ease of getting permanent residency after studies are over
  • Easy migration policies
  • Student-friendly policies

Industry connections and networking

Getting a job after completion of a university course is as important as the quality of education. This is why when selecting a country for studying, pay attention to its industries. If you find that major companies from your field of studies have a great presence in the country you are thinking about going to, then it is a great choice. Even if they don’t want to work there after their course is complete, just having the chance to network with industry leaders and work as interns there will give them an advantage when they decide to come back and have a career in India.

So the next time you go to talk to an overseas education consultancy in Delhi, make sure to talk about these points and then make an informed decision. Remember you will have to make a great financial investment and also bet on your career, so make the best choice when it comes to selecting an overseas study destination.

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