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Want To Study Abroad After Class 12? Consider Singapore

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Defence Colony Education Consultant

Many students prefer to go abroad after their class 12 exam because it gives them more career opportunities. They have a chance of becoming a true global citizen at a young age, so parents and students look for education consultants in Delhi when their children are in class 12. If you, as a student or parent, are also considering studying abroad after your board exam, Singapore is a great destination for your studies. If you want to know more about why that is, read on.

High quality of education

Singapore consistently ranks high when it comes to higher education worldwide. Their education system stresses not only a good education but also on well-rounded development of the students. Their stress on innovation and technology means if you are interested in these fields, you will be learning the latest innovation in your chosen field and working with industry leaders. So, when you graduate, you will have great demand in the job market because of your knowledge and skill set.

Multicultural atmosphere

Singapore is a melting pot of culture; and one of the world’s most diverse countries. Indians are one of the three major ethnic groups in the country, so as an overseas Indian student, you won’t find it hard to adjust. You will also be exposed to other cultures like Chinese and Malaysian. So, if you want to study on a diverse campus in every way, Singapore is one of the best choices.

Great global presence

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world and a global business leader. Major companies have their headquarters and presence in this city-state. So, your choice of jobs after completing your course will be global. You can get placements in the best companies in your chosen field. 


One of the parents’ main concerns when they meet defence colony education consultants is how costly it will be for their child to study abroad. They will be happy to hear about the cost of studying in Singapore, which is much less than in the USA or the UK. Furthermore, the plane fare to this South-East country is cheaper than in European or American countries. Hence, not only can their child study well in Singapore, but they can fly there during holidays or have the child come home if needed.  So, these are the top four reasons you should keep Singapore as a choice for studying abroad after your class 12 exams.

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