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Countries With Easy Visa Procedures For Higher Education

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Studying Abroad is one of the best things that will shape your future. But it is equally important to choose the right country and college that best suit your interests. If you are struggling to find the right country that also has easy visa procedures apart from good courses and colleges, then you are at the right place. We have prepared a list of countries to minimize your efforts. Let’s begin.

Top 5 Countries with Easy Visa Procedures

  • Germany

Many of the programs in Germany are free or available at a minimum fee at public universities. You only have to bear the living expenses, including accommodation & food.

Furthermore, it is quite easy to get a student visa in Germany. All you need is an acceptance letter from your recognized university in Germany. Usually, a secondary school diploma from an Undergraduate program or proof of a recognized degree or diploma from a higher education institution. Sometimes proof of your language skills is required depending on your study programme.

  • Canada

As per Canadian Immigration and Citizenship, you need to apply and get admission to a Canadian university to apply for a student visa, which you can get renewed for the length of your course afterwards. After that, just follow the online procedure as given in the admission details or you can take the help of our overseas education consultants to get it done smoothly.

  • Ireland

Another country has to be Ireland which allows students to complete the whole visa process online. 

Apart from the regular paperwork (for details, consult our counsellors), you require proof of admission to a study program at any Irish University, just like in other countries. 

  • Singapore

Being one of the most charismatic countries for international students, Singapore also comes under the list of easiest visa application countries for students. Usually, a student needs to apply for a student’s pass, which can easily be done through Singapore’s Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. 

  • New Zealand

New Zealand offers high-quality education, a good lifestyle, and employment opportunities to students. The country offers multiple types of visas to students, and if you are studying for less than 3 months, then you don’t require a visa. Great. Isn’t it?

These are the top 5 countries with easy visa procedures for higher education. We know the task of visa application can be tedious, but not for us. Contact the best Education Consultants in Delhi for whom the visa information and procedure are like the back of their hands.

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