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3 Myths About Overseas Education Consultants That Needs To Be Broken

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Overseas Education Consultants In Delhi

The decision to study abroad is not taken in a day. Parents plan for a long to send their children to a foreign country for study purposes. The student also needs to plan for years for this because a good score on the exams can help in getting a scholarship. The whole process somewhat becomes easier with overseas education consultants in Delhi. However, many people believe in the myth surrounding this profession; and these myths need to be broken. Here are three of them to help you understand better about this profession and what you can expect from them.

They are after the commission from universities and so won’t give you an unbiased opinion

A good overseas education consultant will always ask you about your choices when it comes to universities and not push you towards one. The work of a study consultant is to make it easy for you to apply for the universities you have chosen and also to help you select one if you are not sure about where you want to study. It is a myth that consultants get paid by foreign universities; it is the students who pay them and not the other way around.

Study consultants make the whole process harder and not easier

This is another myth that often stops parents and students from approaching a good study consultant. They believe that the whole process of application can become complicated when done through a consultant. A study consultant will make sure you have the right documents (which can change depending on which country you are applying for and which universities) so that the application is not rejected for wrong documentation. You will be surprised to know that many people’s application for a visa or their admission application gets rejected because they submitted the wrong document or missed giving an important one. With the guidance of the study consultant, all these can be avoided.

You need to visit a specialized consultant to apply for a specific country

Again, this is the farthest from the truth as it can be. Most overseas study consultants in Delhi can guide students and their parents in almost all countries. It is not that there are specialized consultants for each of the main countries Indians prefer to go to for studies and you will have the best result by visiting them for that country. Each consultant can give you the right information about the country you plan to study in.

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