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Times can be comparatively easy and hard, yet it is required to comprehend the entire situation other than feeling low. If the response of students to COVID 19 is studied, it would be very empowering. Since students have readily adapted to make things work in their favour. It started vividly with the idea of acquiring new skills around one’s field of study or even life skills for that matter. Such skills bring out character and willingness in individuals to showcase their positive and strong side. Covid 19 made students realise the power of time to change so many things if used efficiently. Internet is acting as a greatest link connecting mankind from the world over.

Through this period, the students were left wondering over the further course of action. Some overseas students returned to their home country given their families asked them to come back, while some stayed back abroad to pursue their education. But what about the future really? How does it look? Such questions are repeatedly asked from the study abroad education consultants in Delhi.

How does the education industry’s future look like ahead?

In the present state of affairs, career counsellors are hosting webinars for students, teachers and educationists – to help them understand the ways to deal and adapt to the changes. Education industry is affected by the government policies of different countries and the university admission criteria amongst other things. Universities are being lenient to students and going online to hold sessions, classes and talks. Reactions of various global universities to COVID 19 can be found at this link.

As a part of the lenient approach by the Govt. of UK, the international students from various countries completing PhD in 2021 in the UK would be allowed to work for 3 years. This means they have a 3 years post-study-work visa, which otherwise is 2 years for international students. Professional working experience in foreign countries such as the UK and US increase work opportunities for professionals globally.

The future depends on the exercising of composure and commitment of the students, to keep honing their skills by taking up virtual internships, online courses and programmes. Various private colleges in India have already begun their classes on the online mediums like Zoom, GoWebinar, Google Meet amongst others.

Study abroad education consultants in Delhi are going the extra mile to reach out to students to guide them in their career planning. Whether it is about finding the right college, subjects or career, this is the best time to reflect and make one’s decisions. Our Founder & Senior Mentor Ms. Sakshi Mittal took an online career counselling session with the students from PIMR College, Indore on 3rd July 2020. Click here to watch the entire session.

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