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Students must check scholarships open and suitable for them in Indian universities. It is an opportunity for the students to save on the expenditure on their higher studies, by being proactive and realising the right scholarship for themselves. Universities across the country have different scholarships on the basis of different parameters. Some are for meritorious students, while some are for students from low-income families, and some are for students with excellent extra-curricular activities. 

Many times students take scholarships very lightly by considering themselves lesser than the rest of the students. Here are some methods to stay ahead in your scholarship planning: 

  1. Act and don’t wait for the right time.
    Students should be aware of the career path they are following. Because only when they know what they want, can they follow a certain path. In this regard, they should talk to their parents, teachers and specially certified career counsellors in Delhi on what is the right career for themselves. Failing to do so, can leave them in a state of confusion. Once a student is sure about one’s field of study, should one check the preferred courses offered by the best universities. On selecting the universities, the further process of checking scholarship opportunities strikes in. Check their website in the Scholarships section. To make things easier for yourself, you can grab the prospectus of a given university through career planning resources. 
  2. Prepare to meet the scholarship criteria.
    It is important to know the scholarship one wants to apply for even before sitting for the board exams. The student should be aware of scholarship requirements and plan for them. Otherwise, it will be all trial and error, i.e., getting a scholarship on the basis of one’s luck, that all criteria’s are met. This is important because preparedness can help one stay in a comfortable position; otherwise, it’s guess work, on whether one would secure a scholarship or not. 
  3. Every degree has scholarship offered.
    It is not that only graduate course offers scholarships and post-graduate, doctorate doesn’t. Lack of knowledge can lead to regrets, so don’t just assume or speculate; rather reach out to universities to explore what all scholarships are available. 
  4. Time to apply. 
    While some institutions allow submission of scholarship forms online, some offer the same offline too. Take this activity seriously, and proof-read it multiple times before you submit it to the admissions’ department. You do not get chances to apply for scholarships, again and again, so make sure, you take advice or guidance of professionals beforehand. 

A scholarship can create one’s career, and it is a blessing for those students who successfully get it. No dream is small to come true, so keep working hard to see the results in your favour. Click on this link, to explore scholarships offered by the Government of India. Similarly, you can visit websites of private universities in India, to explore the scholarships offered by them, especially for research, masters and doctoral studies. For more information and assistance reach out to the certified career counsellors in Delhi, University Leap: 09899101239 


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