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how to become a commercial pilot in india

The Indian aviation industry has grown over the years, to become the third-largest and fastest-growing aviation market in terms of the domestic tickets sold. Moreover, the industry contributes $72 billion to GDP. If you were wondering about how to become a commercial pilot in India, then this blog will help you to an extent to understand how the process looks like.

What subjects in higher-secondary are required to become a pilot?

Students must have physics and mathematics in their 10+2 and 50% passing marks in both the subjects. Those who didn’t have these subjects in their higher secondary can also study them from the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

Steps to become a commercial pilot in India

  • Get Class 2 Medical Done

Class 2 medical is basically a medical test where you need to get your physical well-being checked through different tests from the labs. For this, you can reach out to the doctors authorised by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). You can find the list by clicking here. Once the tests are done, you can get them attested by the authorised doctors. This step is also important since you need to be assured that you are fit for flying.

Do note that the DGCA is the Indian governmental regulatory body for civil aviation under the Civil Aviation Ministry. It keeps a record of all pilots and matters related to civil aviation in India.

  • Apply for Computer No.

The computer no. is like an ID number or ID proof of a candidate who wants to become a commercial pilot. This part is connected with the above point of getting Class 2 Medical through an authorised doctor or medical official. After a candidate is fit, the doctor would ask you to fill four CA 35 and one CA 34 form through which you would receive one CA 35 form as your acknowledgement & other papers will be couriered to DGCA Delhi by the medical officer only. In a month’s time approximately, you would receive a file no. or computer no. that shall record all your flying experience, therefore.

  • Class 1 Medical

Like the Class 2 Medical, the candidates need to give the Class 1 Medical tests. The difference is, that doctors of the Air Force assess these tests.

  • Pass DGCA Examinations

There are basically four important examinations that pilot candidates need to pass. They are:
(i) Aviation Navigation
(ii) Aviation Meteorology
(iii) Air Regulations
(iv) Radio Telephony (Conducted by Wireless Planning Commission)

  • Flying Experience

Once the students pass their examinations, it is recommended only then for them to start flying small aircraft as trainee pilots. Since learning to fly is a costly affair both in India and abroad. So the candidates should be double sure that their physical and mental fitness matches the requirements. In India, it is mandatory for every trainee pilot to complete at least 200 flying hours.

  • Flying Licenses

When students start flying they need the Student Pilot License (SPL), which can later be upgraded to Private Pilot License (PPL) followed by Instrument Rating (IR) and the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) given by the DGCA in India. The Instrument Rating enables a candidate to fly in any weather condition regardless of the visibility. If the candidate does flying for overseas then the foreign CPL needs to be converted to the Indian CPL. More information about the license requirements and flying schools can be found in this link.

Airline Pilot as a Profession

An Airline Pilot is regarded as a very well-reputed job in the world. It could be seen as a glamorous profession too because one can travel to new destinations almost every other day. Having said that, it is also considered as a high-risk job. But those who love the idea of flying and adventures choose it for their heart’s content. It is also one of the most highly paid jobs in the country.

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