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With the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic across the globe, the education sector is also one of the affected ones. As tourism industry goes on a shutdown in major countries, the movement of people is very limited. At this point, the students are left in a state of confusion regarding the future ahead – but the fact of the matter is, it’s the same for people of all age groups. So what can be done in this scenario? This blog will help address such points for the students.

The Future Ahead for Students

While the governments take safety measures for the wellness of the citizens, here are few things students should definitely do.

– Stay Safe Where You Are

As the situation demands, the students if stuck abroad or within the country, need to resolve all confusions and hold faith in the governments. The universities abroad understand how the students can be at the receiving end of the pandemic, and are reaching out to them in order to help them prepare mentally to fight it together.

Students should limit any movements, and seek help of health departments if they are facing hard issues in India or abroad. It is that time when one needs to stay firm to win over the pressing times with a positive mindset.

– Reflect & Prepare for What’s Next?

“Difficult times often bring out the best in people.” Bernie Sanders expressed this thought once, and it holds so true in the present times. The kind of response of people from all walks of life to fight Covid 19 is touching & inspiring. Here are some ways in which students can come out stronger.

i) Find one’s calling

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If you are in school or just completed your schooling & are waiting to enter college, then this is the right time to ask certain questions to yourself. The questions such as, 
“Am I sure about my career choice and subjects I am planning to study further?” 
“How can I get admission in my dream college?”
“How to do goal-mapping or plan a roadmap for career success?”

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Components of a Psychometric Test

Well, it might be difficult to answer all these queries on one’s own. That is exactly where they need the advise of their teachers, parents or mentors. Connecting with a certified career counsellor or professional can help a great way here. The overseas education consultancy, Delhi are offering free education counselling sessions over WhatsApp, Zoom & Skype.

If you’re entering higher grade in school or even if you have completed your schooling, then it is a wise decision to take up a psychometric test. This test if not taken yet, will definitely give a perspective on what is the potential career for you.

Moreover, the advise of professionals helps students stay focussed on one direction and not go in multiple directions. It results into the saving of time, money and energy in the long run.

ii) Time is a Blessing

This time can also be regarded as a blessing in disguise for those students who do not know their aim in life. They can explore the subjects options and career opportunities both in India & abroad. It is important to understand that tough times don’t last forever, so don’t lose hope too soon.

iii) Productivity with a Routine
According to Forbes India’s report, 74% Indians are more likely to learn a new skill under the lockdown. At the same time, everyone needs to take a break from the negative news, and not take too much pressure to be more and more productive. In this stage, a balancing act is required.

Source: Forbes India

Check new skills which you can learn either online or through practical experiences at home, so you are prepared for independent living. For example, learning homely chores can help a student, if one plans to study abroad in the times to come. Education of any kind is good for the mental awareness and growth of an individual.

How can educationalists help you prepare for the road ahead?

The advise of educationists is essential in such times. Their experience and knowledge of student psyche, current education industry gives a different angle to a student’s perspectives. Also, the counsellors can calm the students and present them a promising roadmap. Some services you can expect from educationists are as follows:

(i) General Counselling & Psychometric Testing
(ii) Help in Preparing for Entrance Exams in Advance
(iii) Provide Previous Year’s Sample Papers & New Guidelines
(iv) Apply in Indian & Overseas Universities
(v) Planning Interviews with Admissions Councils
(vi) Help you connect with Alumni of Universities
(vii) Free Online Counselling Session
(viii) Scholarship Guidance / Profile Building
(ix) Financial Planning & Budgeting
(x) Documentation & Assistance with SOP / LOR Drafts

Taking guidance from certified overseas education consultants in Delhi will keep you a step ahead to fulfil your higher education goals. Do not delay or buy excuses and not invest your time in planning a successful career ahead. Remember, that things work out when you do. Call or WhatsApp now at +91 9899101239 to book your free counselling session with certified career consultants online.

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