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The number of students going abroad to pursue their education is increasing with each passing year. Many students recognize the importance of getting a foreign degree and the perks of settling into an advanced country. However, most of them restrict themselves or face issues after going there due to poor planning. 

In this article, we talk about some important points you must consider before planning your studies abroad. Read along and make your studying abroad experience wonderful.

  • Know about the Destination Country

We know that shifting to a new environment on your own can be difficult. So to avoid any issue, know everything about your course country. Like, know about the language, currency, living pattern, laws & regulations, education & work policies, etc. This will keep problems at bay and make your survival easy.

  • Accommodation

One thing that might be a huge problem when you shift to a new culture is finding the right accommodation. Some universities offer on-campus accommodation facilities to international students. But if you want to live outside and explore the state better, you need to start searching for the place as soon as you confirm your visit.

You can either search online or take our help in finding you the right home. We have connections in every country who helps us with the procedure and also offer after-shifting support to students.

  • Earnings and work permit

Each country offers some part-time job opportunities to students to study and earn at the same time. It is better if you know about them before landing in the country. Also, if you plan to stay there for a long time or thinking of a permanent settlement, know about the work permit and settlement conditions. The duration of your course also makes a difference in helping you get a Permanent Resident Card so plan accordingly.

  • Food and travel

Another thing that plays a major role in your survival there is food preferences. Before shifting to a new country, explore the food availability and accessibility there. Match your preferences and then give the final call. Also, to genuinely survive and stay healthy there, learn how to cook.

  • Dos and Donts of Bag packing

You cannot carry everything with you while travelling to a distant country. So make sure that you take away only essential items like all documents and Id proof, mobile & laptop chargers, basic medicines, electric adapters, clothes and extra pair of shoes, etc.

Apart from that, when it comes to travel, choose public transport like buses and trains and show your student card at cafes and shopping centers to avail discounts (if available).

These are some of the basic yet important points that every student must plan before shifting to a new country. We, as one of the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, assist students to get into the right course & college through guidance and also help them at every stage until they relocate.

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