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Right Time For Students To Plan For Overseas Education

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If studying overseas is a part of your future plan then you must know when and how you should plan for it. It is not the thought of going to a foreign land that will fulfil your dream but the right time you start planning for it will. So, what is the right time? Or is there a right time for planning? Let’s find out.

Steps to start your career planning journey abroad

The planning is done in multiple stages. So let’s talk about the right time of each stage and how you should manage your overseas studies plan.

  • Research, Plan and Execute

The first step of anything big has to start with research. Our career experts suggest that starting research and planning after your 9th grade is a good time as it gives ample time for improvisation. But, if you come across the idea of foreign studies after your 12th grade and want to pursue your master’s degree overseas, then planning can be done during your graduation as well. Though it is always better to start early but it is never too late.

  • Prepare for the Qualification tests

After researching your preferences and goal, it is time to start preparing for it. Experts suggest that if you start preparing for your English proficiency tests and other qualifications tests from your 10th standard, the chances of scoring better till the time you pass out from school is better. Meaning, you should start preparing for your IELTS or TOEFL or SAT or GRE or GMAT or any such exam that you wish to take after your 10th standard.

Furthermore, start taking the test one year before submitting your application and aim for your best score till the final submission of your application.

  • Consult an overseas counsellor

When it comes to planning, career counsellors play a major role. You have two options: you can either consult a consultant before you start planning or after you have a blueprint. If you don’t know anything about studying abroad, it is better to contact our overseas education consultants in Delhi before and take the right guidance. Our consultants have vast experience in assisting students with finding the right course and college, doing better at tests and choosing the right career path.

  • Final submission

You need to start shortlisting the course at the start of your 12th standard and focus on preparing the documents to avoid missing any deadlines. After that, start applying for admission in August till December, wait for your admission confirmation email, accept the offer and apply for the visa.

So, this is a rough sketch of how students should go about their planning process. But there is no hard and fast rule. Though it is always better to start early to reap maximum benefits but it is also fine if you start late. All you need is the right guidance and strategy to fulfil your dream of studying abroad.

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