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Usually in India, an academic year runs for a full one-year and admissions are done only at the start of every academic session. However, this is not the case abroad. Foreign universities allow students to take admission in different intake sessions, without waiting for a whole year. For instance, if you have missed the spring intake, you can opt for the January admission procedure next year.

Given below is the most common intake period you will find abroad.

There are two intake periods that most universities follow in foreign countries. They are fall and spring. The fall intake starts in September and ends in December, while the spring intake usually remains in action from January to May. You might also find a small intake in April (known as summer intake) in some universities.

Apart from this, some universities consider terms of semesters as intake. Also, intake differs from course to course and university to university. Hence, it is advisable to check the official website of your desired university to get the correct information about the intake procedure and availability of seats.

This pattern is being followed to accommodate more students in the university, keeping the overall decorum intact. The colleges receive thousands of applications, and it becomes impossible for them to intake all of them in one go. So, they devised a plan to give chance to more students to get their dream education and not miss out on opportunities.

Now that you know the intake procedure, the next question that arises is –

How To Choose The Right Intake Period?

This step depends on multiple factors like the availability of your desired program, academic records, acceptance rates, your entrance test score, job opportunities, and how soon you can join the program.

Indian students usually opt for fall intake. Here are the reasons behind it. Fall intake is available in all the universities, while this is not the case with spring intake. And because of this, the rate of acceptance is lower in the fall period than in spring as more students apply during fall. But, the scholarship provided by the universities during the fall period is huge. And as studying abroad can be an expensive task, many students try to apply during fall time.

Another reason is that the September intake works in line with the Indian academic session and is suitable for undergraduates. This time is also suitable for research students as many professors tend to start their research work at the start of the year, which paves the way for students to acquire internship or other assisting activity under their professors.

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