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Interior Designing as an Emerging Field

Interior designers are incredibly imaginative people who hold the aptitude to create a mental picture of an interior design before it is complete. They comprise an immense perceptive and understanding of resources, lighting, colours, and furnishings, that facilitate the production of eye-catching interior pieces. Interior designers work in the company of architects when a building or space is under construction.

Presently, India has a tremendous development prospect for Interior Designing. It is a popular career preference amongst students seeking opportunities in the artistic and design vocation. In recent decades, there has been a significant shift in the lifestyle, employment and migration patterns of people. These days, people are looking for a more aesthetic standard of living, and nothing speaks more about their lives than their homes. Earlier people in foreign countries had a significant concern in designing their houses, but due to the evolved ideology of people, everyone is willing to possess luxurious space that enhances their standard of living. Thus, interior designing has become one of the most desired professions in India.

However, Interior designing is an excellent profession for someone who has a creative knack, a fondness for design and gets pleasure in undertaking challenging tasks.

Interior Designing Programs

You must be creative, open to fresh ideas, communicative and possess problem-solving skills to become an Interior Designer. If you are fascinated in interior designing and want to learn all the ins and outs of the field, then you can pursue an interior designing course. Some of the foremost courses are:-

1. Undergraduate degree program: You can go for an undergraduate degree course in interior designing, after your schooling. It is a three-year degree program, and it will give you deep insights into all aspects of this field.

2. Postgraduate degree program: After completing your Bachelor’s degree, you can also apply for a Master’s degree in interior designing. It is a two-year program.

3. Diploma programs: If you want to pursue any short term course, then go for a diploma program in interior designing.

Scope of Interior Designing

Various career opportunities exist for interior design professionals. They may either prefer to work under senior roles in Management, in Interior Designing Studios, or as Consultants. Government sector jobs like Municipal Corporations, PWDs, and urban development departments are also known to appoint interior designing professionals. They can also be a part of government schemes related to housing relocation of people.

Interior designing has plenty of job opportunities for professionals who have a skilled and innovative approach to work. Job prospects for interior designing are across the globe, and it is estimated to grow more in the coming years. In India, people are becoming aware of the significance of suitable decor, ambience and want to uplift their lifestyle to match their interests. Hence, they hire designers to design their interior spaces. The graph for this profession is steadily rising with a right pay scale, creative work and exciting job profile. The scope of interior designers is higher in metro cities like Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai than the other Indian cities. Moreover, interior designers have the option to start their practice, thus the chance of being their own bosses.

Career Prospect For Interior Designers

There are countless career opportunities after finishing interior designing courses such as in architectural ventures, designing ventures, retail stores, and design departments of large industries and companies. There are broad ranges of fields where interior designers are working. Following are the primary work fields under which interior designers are hired:

  1. Retail stores: Shopping malls, stores, and convention centres.
  2. Workplaces: Offices and factories.
  3. Residential Projects: Houses, flats, and other household space and accommodation.
  4. Relaxation sites: Cinema, theatres, and gyms.
  5. Hospitality sector: Hotels, café, nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants.
  6. Education sector: Schools and Universities.
  7. Healthcare sector: It involves places like health centres, nursing and care homes, hospitals, and private clinics.

So, if you believe you have the potential to learn innovative things and create unique interior spaces; then an interior designing career is an excellent pick for you. For more clarity on the career and scope as an Interior Designer in India connect with study abroad education consultants of Delhi at University Leap. WhatsApp us to book your virtual session with our Director & Senior Mentor Ms. Sakshi Mittal: 09899101239

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