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Applications open for admission at the Vancouver Film School, Canada
University Leap is a team of study abroad education consultants in Delhi. Observing the interest and passion of so many students in films, designing and television, our team is partnering up with the Vancouver Film School, Canada on the upcoming Summer School 2018 programme. Here we share some insight into the film school and other important details. Vancouver Film School has is a private entertainment arts school located in Vancouver, British Columbia,...
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Overseas Education consultants in Delhi
When it comes to Study Abroad, things that immediately pop in our heads are – value education, job prospects, career growth etc., but one most important thing that interests us is how beautiful our host destination is! “What all can I explore in my host country or what are the famous locations, sites and things to do.” The moment it comes to go abroad we just can’t help ourselves to...
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study abroad consultancy in delhi
The thought of chasing your dreams and fulfilling it begins the moment you get a clarity of where your interest lies, the potential you have and your ability to achieve it! Having gained high school knowledge in your home country might give you only the sense of what all you may achieve in your career but not its actual exposure. The thought of studying abroad sparkles in your mind the...
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Deciding upon studying abroad can be a life-changing decision! Education plays the most important role in shaping up one’s life, personality, thinking and most importantly what one wants to achieve and become one day. Studying abroad can be a significant part of a well-rounded education. Where you can have exposure to world-class work experience and not just this but also to some mind freshening and energizing places that will keep...
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The Educational system of US has a very holistic approach towards its applicant’s profile. This is a big reason why US remains one of the most preferred destinations for international students who wish to pursue MS. Though a good Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are very important to get admission in an esteemed university or college in USA, it is not everything. Just like a high score in GRE is...
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