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Film schools work as academic institutions, imparting written and practical knowledge of film studies to students. So if you are a film enthusiast who aspires to learn every aspect of the film industry then you are at the right place. In this article, we talk about the top 5 film schools available globally that you can choose to pursue your dream of building a career in the film industry. Given below is the list of the top 5 film schools, prepared by our overseas education consultants in Delhi. 

Best 5 Film Schools in the World

1. USC School of Cinematic Arts

It is the oldest and most prestigious film school in the United States, offering multiple courses in film studies. Affiliated by the University of Southern California, this school of cinematic arts offers courses like Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing (for screen & Television), BA in Cinema and Media, BA in Animation, MA in Animation & Digital Arts, etc.

2. National Film and Television School

It is a film, gaming and TV school established in 1971 in the United Kingdom. This school offer courses at multiple levels like bachelor’s, master’s, vocational and certificate courses and has been affiliated with CILCET. Some of the prominent courses you can select here include MA in Cinematography, MA in Directing Documentary, Certificate in Screenwriting, etc. Moreover, the tuition fee for overseas students’ lies somewhere around $32000.

3. LA Femis

This film school in Paris is known for opting professional approach to impart technical training, professional growth and artistic training & help an individual with holistic development. It was founded as IDHEC back in 1943 and has been the heart of France for students across the world since then. They follow a unique curriculum, usually covered in four years, which support their pattern of holistic development and training. Some of the popular filmmaking courses here are the Cinema Management course, TV series development course, workshops in production, etc.

4. Beijing Film Academy

It is one of the most prestigious film study schools in China established in 1950. The academy has been divided into 9 schools which offer courses in 8 different departments. You can learn sound art, cinematography, animation, film directing, scriptwriting, etc. Apart from this, overseas has to pay somewhere $6,665 – $7,905 per year.

5. American Film Institute

Being one of the most renowned filmmaking institutes in the world, it focuses on teaching young and sharp minds. It also features a notable film school primarily focused on teaching film studies to women. The best part about this institute is it offers a Master’s in Fine Arts course in 6 major specializations including, Editing, Cinematography, Production, Screenwriting, Direction and Production design.

These are the 5 best film schools in the world offering high-end filmmaking study courses to domestic and international students. If you are confused on which one to choose or how to take this forward, contact our overseas education consultancy in Delhi, University Leap to get the right advice to build a successful career.

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