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Mechanical Engineers lie at the heart of designing, crafting and curating efficient pieces of equipment like motor vehicles, manufacturing units, aircraft, industrial machinery, etc., making them an integral part of this technology-driven world. So their endless need made this field a very attractive profession for the generations to come.

Here we talk about all such career opportunities suggested by our best Defence Colony Education consultants which you can choose after completing a degree in mechanical engineering.

  • Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace industry has seen a lot of inventions in the last few decades which are not going to die down anytime soon. Creative inventions like reusable rockets & satellites took mechanical engineering a step further. One can take up a job as a designer, tester, manufacturer, R&D and other such fields and pursue their love for machines besides earning a handsome salary.

  • CAD Technician

Also known as a draughtsperson, CAD technicians are responsible for planning and drawing equipment designs using CAD. This field is apt for you if you love art and have a creative mind. Moreover, in this, you can find jobs in areas like manufacturing, construction and engineering industries.

  • Automobile Industry

In India, the largest amount of transportation is done via roads. This means that the automobile industry of India is one of the largest industries in the world, which opens up ‘n’ number of job opportunities for youngsters. So after you complete a degree in mechanical engineering, you will be bringing innovative ideas like driverless cars, pods, bullet trains, etc., into reality by doing an extensive R&D and solving the challenges put forth. The market is huge, and so is the demand.

  • Defence Industry 

The defence industry of a country needs to be advanced and of premium quality to avoid any unwanted attack. Mechanical engineers, who are trained in manufacturing, testing and doing R&D for the defence sector arms & ammunition, are awarded money and respect. One, who has a keen interest in machines but also wants to serve their country, must choose this profession as their career option.

  • Control and Instrumentation Engineer

Also referred to as C&I engineers, their major tasks lie in the design, development, maintenance and installation of equipment, which are used to keep machinery, engineering system and processes in check. They are responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the systems. Such needs are required in almost every machinery plant and industry. So, the scope of employment is huge.

  • Maintenance Engineer

This job requires a great presence of mind. By becoming a maintenance engineer, you are responsible for routinely machinery checkups in plants, fixing issues, examining faults & breakdowns, etc. Hence, if you can take out these tasks and can procure manpower & material to solve instant issues, then this job will be highly rewarding for you.

Apart from the above options, one can take a job as a contracting Civil Engineer, Nuclear Engineer and in other such areas where the growth potential is high. To know more about prospects after completing mechanical engineering in detail, we advise you to take our session on Career Counselling In Delhi. You will get clarity on which different points like course, university, job opportunities, etc., which will assist you in making a wiser and practical decision. For queries WhatsApp/Call 09899101239.

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