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Even though the wave of science & technology is taking over the world, the importance of humanities still holds water. Students opt for humanity courses worldwide and build a fruitful career out of them.

Of many overseas destinations selected by Indian students to study Humanities subjects, Australia remains a highly chosen one. And, the reason behind it is the top-notch Australian Universities and education system.

That’s right!

Australia has some of the Finest Universities in the world.

Let’s talk about three of the major Australian Universities here.

  1. Australian National university
    The university offers more than 40 courses in arts degree to students at the graduate level and 20 courses at the postgraduate level. That’s huge. And you know what’s even better? That you can have a flexible double degree here. This means you can combine your arts degree with any other bachelor’s degree.
  2. University of Melbourne
    This second oldest university in Australia offers arts & humanities courses divided into four academic schools namely Historical and Philosophical Studies, Culture & Communication, Social & Political Science and lastly Languages & Linguistics. Know about all the courses in these areas from our expert Study Abroad Education Consultants in Delhi and then make the choice.
  3. The University of Queensland
    Here you get to select from 7 schools that offer courses in humanities and social sciences at undergraduate and graduate levels. Moreover, the university is home to one of the exceptional research centres namely the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities.

Apart from these three, various other Australian universities offer courses at different levels for Humanities students. You just need to explore more or best, take advice from our education consultants and let us simplify the universities and courses for you to help you make the right choice.

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