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Tips On Framing A Letter Of Recommendation For College Admissions

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A Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) showcase your strengths as an applicant and frames a positive image before the college admission committee. It allows the reader to reflect upon your achievements, capabilities, and qualities that make you the right person to fill the particular position. However, to write an effective LOR, one needs to follow some guidelines.

Here are some of those tips that will help you write an appealing LOR.

Keep The Format Intact And Opening Brief

As it is a professional document, you must adhere to the traditional formatting guidelines to keep it simple yet effective. Along with it, write a brief introduction and include some positive aspects of the applicants, praising him/her for the overall experience you had with them.

Explain The Agenda In Detail 

As the educational institute will be focusing on why the applicant is a good fit for the position, you need to explain that part in a detailed manner. To complete it effectively, ask the applicant to tell you about the duties and responsibilities attached to the position. The information will help you in writing an unbiased, insightful, and relevant LOR.

Write Specific Events And A Closing Statement 

You should write about the applicants’ skills and accomplishments that give credibility to the LOR and make it more trustworthy. Any kind of manipulation can lead to rejection. In addition to it, add a closing statement saying you can provide more information about the candidate if need be.

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