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The Rising Scope of India’s IT Industry & Courses to Choose

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India’s IT industry has seen a drastic surge with the addition of 4.5 Lakh new employees as of February’22. Out of this, around 44% are women. Furthermore, according to Nasscom, the Indian IT industry is expected to reach US$227 billion in 2022. This reflects that the surge in the IT industry is not going to end soon. 

Being one of the best education counsellors in Delhi, here we suggest some of the rewarding courses you can choose to get the optimum results.

Top 5 IT Courses to Choose for a Successful Career –

  1. Data Science – This is one of the highly demanded and paid fields in the IT sector which requires a certificate in data science. It includes multiple sets of profiles that a person can choose. Some of the major tasks of a data scientist are data analysis, data visualization, maintaining a database, etc.
  2. Cloud Computing – Another field that is going to give higher returns in the near future is this. Organizations across various verticals are hiring individuals with cloud computing skills and certification.
  3. DevOps – After getting a certification in DevOps, one can become a DevOps Engineer, DevOps Architect, DevOps Manager, etc. Some of the tools you need to learn to master DevOps include Docker, Puppet, Chef, etc. Moreover, it is one of the technical and higher-paying fields in IT in India.
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) – AI & ML are highly opted courses by students because of their rewarding career options. You can be an AI Engineer and support industries in building machines that act like humans or can be an ML Engineer to build a system that improves from experiences and take businesses to newer heights.
  5. Full-stack Developer – If you are interested in designing applications and websites, becoming a full-stack engineer will be your career choice. You will become an all-rounder where you will be handling backend and frontend development, testing, debugging and related tasks. 

The job opportunities in these 5 fields are spiking at a steady rate, but there are multiple other fields which offer an equal amount of success and growth. We offer career counselling in Delhi where we talk about such courses, colleges and job opportunities. Book your session to get more information on any such aspect.

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