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Hospitality is a broad career field whose need will remain till humankind exists. It includes career options in travel & tourism, food & beverages, lodging, recreation and more. Though it highly depends on your skillset and interest to bring out the best in any field you choose in hospitality, some options yield higher results with fewer inputs & time. Let’s discuss them in detail.

The top 5 Career Options in Hospitality Industry are –

  1. Chef
    Becoming a regional chef in the corporate industry is regarded as one of the highest paying jobs in the hospitality sector in International as well as in India. However, to become a successful chef, you need to minimum have a bachelor’s degree and some years of experience.
  2. Hotel Manager
    Managerial posts come with multiple responsibilities, and in the case of hospitality, a manager has to look after housekeeping, front desk, human resource, etc. and needs to have a go-getter attitude to take instant decisions.
  3. Event Coordinator
    The role of an event coordinator is huge in making an event successful. S/he needs to look after the amenities, accommodation, budget, etc. and has to deal with contract negotiations. You can start by completing a short-term course or full degree in event management and take it forward with internships and full-time roles to gain a better experience of the market.
  4. Cabin Crew
    It is a challenging job that includes the positions of air hostesses, flight attendants, hosts, etc. The payout is great, and an amazing career choice if you love to travel. However, it requires long working hours, morning-evening shifts and working on weekends.
  5. Housekeeping Head
    As the Housekeeping Head, your major task lies in training the staff, assigning tasks, preparing schedules, maintaining cleaning supplies inventory, and meeting hotel standards and related tasks. The payout is good, but you need to have a good experience in the housekeeping area to get a high paying job.

Apart from these 5, other hospitality fields you can choose for a growing career are a casino property manager, restaurant manager, chef sommelier, food and beverage director, catering manager, etc. We, as one of the finest Study Abroad Education Consultants in Delhi, provide detailed information about every course, college, university, etc., available in India and overseas.

Contact us to discuss hospitality and its future growth aspects in detail & know about the right course and college for you.

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