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Once a student is done with the class 10th board examinations, the much awaited question pops up in front of him/her, i.e., “which stream would you select for your higher education?” The students face a lot of speculation and difficulty to understand what exactly is the right career path for them. It is the second time they are asked such a question which they have to address sensibly (the first one being the choice to select a second language in grade 8th). Now what should they do. To solve this, we list down some points for the students at the crossroads to choose their stream.

First and foremost, the students need to relax and see what exactly makes them happy. The subjects that have been their strength and which they won’t consider to give up soon. To dig in deeper, the students must sit with a certified education counsellor in Delhi or their city. The counsellors help them take a psychometric test. This test is an assessment of their qualitative abilities, logical reasoning, amongst other indicators of one’s personality type. The students can later discuss the results with their parents and teachers, to finalise the stream.

How career counsellors can help students in stream selection?

Certified career counsellors help students understand the current opportunities in different fields suitable to their unique personalities. This is after accessing the psychometric test and one-to-one consultation session – where the students talk openly their aspirations, interests and talents. The task is to find out most suitable stream, which would not appear as a burden on the student.

Opting for the correct stream is very important due to many reasons, such as “time saving”, “confidence-booster”, “strong career graph”, “ease in understanding topics” amongst others. In short, the right stream will save time of students who would be confident of what they are doing – and shall not divert from their career path in the long run.

psychometric test in delhi
Take a psychometric test with certified career counsellors in Delhi

Therefore, students should take the advice of counsellors before finalising their stream. Keeping a warm relationship with educationists, can give strength to students in achieving their career goals.

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