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India is well known for its deep connection with mathematics and related sciences. As a Nation we have carried forward that legacy by giving more and more opportunities to students, to study mathematics. At the schooling level, this subject is mandatory for students till class 10th – to keep them prepared about the future, as math is applied in day-to-day lives as well.

While choice is given to the students to study math in the higher grades in school, i.e., 10+2, to either study it further or leave it. The students with a career drive towards humanities can choose not studying math further, but those with an intent to opt for a career in sciences or mathematics must study the subject at the +2 level.

Career Opportunities for Math Students
Career Opportunities for Math Students

Some of the courses that require mathematics are as follows: 

  • Actuarial Sciences
  • Economics (H)
  • Math (H)
  • B.Com (H)
  • Architecture Studies

Having discussed the importance of mathematics, and how it is valued in the study of various other subjects; here let’s take a look at the career options for the students who study mathematics at the graduate and post-graduate levels. 

  • Mathematician

A Mathematician is a professional who uses logic and numbers to solve problems that further lead to discoveries and transformations in different sectors. It requires mathematical ability to solve real-time issues using qualitative reasoning, and data analyses. It can be a very deep role, that could be of help to companies, governments and research agencies in data handling, maintaining statistics and more. In the age of computers, the mind is still a step ahead, because the operating systems are run on the commands structured by men, who can also be mathematicians. 

  • Chartered Accountants

The play of numbers is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you love numbers, then you might feel inclination towards a career in finance and accounts. Studying to become a Chartered Accountant can be another interesting opportunity for all the mathematic freaks. Any CA requires firm understanding of auditing, taxation policies and accounting methodology. This definitely comes with practice and education of other related subjects and mechanisms. 

  • Teaching

This is one of the most popular opportunities for Math geeks. You could apply for being a college professor or teacher in school. In the last few years, there has been a rise in the number of tuition and coaching institutes as well.

  • Data Analysts

Data science is going to be the next big thing after the internet boom, some experts suggest. The age of digital has increased the requirement for professional data and business analysts, who can manage data and decode it for the success of any company, initiative or programme. Data plays an integral role in the decision-making process of managers and business owners. Today, the people who are aware of the importance of data are up to date with the latest trends in the markets. 

  • Banking & Finance Sector

Banking and finance institutions look for bight young minds who can join them. There is requirements of professionals in banking operations management on a day-to-day basis. The urgent requirement for quality professionals can be seen by the number of financial institutions coming up in the current times. There are different departments within these institutions that seek mathematic experts, namely, product marketing & sales department, property appraisal department, loan department, amongst others. 

  • Software engineers

Internet revolution is still the booming market, and software engineers are going to be in demand till the foreseeable future. Software engineering is not just about knowing how to use computer tools and analyse simple patters, but it is about going deep into testing, evaluating the software systems. Computing systems work with the help of mathematical prowess and ability to correlate sequences, complex patterns, and find solutions to make the systems work properly. 

  • Government Operations & Indian Statistical Service

There are plenty of opportunities for mathematics graduates in the government itself. One can work with the government to contribute in Nation building, by using their prolific understanding of statistics and math. Check out for employment opportunities as a Statistician, Economic Research Analyst, Qualitative Risk Analyst, etc. 

There are many other careers in the field of mathematics. You can get in touch with study abroad education consultants in Delhi, to learn more about it. Book your Free appointment over call with our Senior Mentor & Director Ms. Sakshi Mittal. Call us: +91 9899101239

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