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Planning To Study Abroad? Then You Can Try These Emerging Countries

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Study Abroad Education Consultant

Recent years have seen a rise in demand for education counsellors in Delhi because, a recent study by the government of India has shown that by 2025, the amount spent by Indians studying abroad is going to be around $70 billion! The number of students studying internationally has started to rise dramatically since 2011 and 2023 saw a record high. In just USA alone, 2, 68, 923 Indian students joined various universities and colleges which was a 35% increase over the years. The English-speaking countries of the USA, the UK and Australia remain the top choices for Indians studying abroad, but there are new countries that are fast becoming top destinations. Here are three of them and why they are becoming so popular.


This country is fast becoming the top choice for students, especially those who are looking for post-graduation courses. The biggest reason for that is the low cost of studying in the country, even for English-taught courses. The fees drop more if students choose German-taught courses. The cost of living is also moderate compared to the USA and the UK. The subjects that are popular with students going to study here include computer science, Engineering, biotechnology and Business administration. 

South Korea

South Korea has seen a great rise in Indian students in recent years, partly thanks to the rise of K-drama and K-pop in India. Coming as a country to study in, South Korea is one of the countries with the best educational system and is known for its engineering and science-related programs. With major electronic companies like LG and Samsung having their headquarters in Seoul, the chances of joining such conglomerates are also good for students opting to study there. Plus, there are many governmental scholarships for Indian students who want to study the Korean language and culture in Korea. Coming to cost, it is comparatively cheaper than colleges and universities in the US or UK, as is the cost of living. This is why study abroad education consultants in Delhi are seeing many enquiries from students and their parents regarding studying in South Korea.


Another European country that is fast emerging as a popular destination for Indian students is Spain. This European country provides excellent courses in architecture, tourism and international business for students from India. Getting a visa to study here is relatively easy, as is the cost of living. 

So, these are the three countries that are slowly emerging as a popular choice for those planning to study abroad.

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