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Breaking Stereotypes: Debunking Myths About Overseas Education and Overseas Education Consultancies

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Overseas Education Consultants In Delhi

Like any profession, overseas education consultancy in Delhi has its share of myths and stereotypes. Not only does the profession have stereotypes, but even studying abroad has its own set of myths that need to be debunked. So, given below are some of those myths regarding both overseas education consultancies and overseas education.

The first and the biggest myth surrounding overseas education is that it is costly. There is some truth in that because overseas education does cost money. But with so many scholarships, loans and friendly policies from the country you are going to study in, this myth is not true now. Today, most banks offer student education loans for students to study abroad. Plus, most universities offer scholarships to excellent students. Then there is the opportunity to work part-time, which covers some of the cost of studying in the country. This is one of the reasons there has been a surge of students going abroad to study in the last few decades, even for undergraduate courses from even lower-income families.

The second myth concerns adjusting to the country you are going to study in. Again, there is some truth, but preparing yourself well beforehand can’t be that much of a hassle. And it should be pretty easy for Indians because, within our own country, the language, culture, food, and everything changes if you move from one part of the country to the other! Coming to communication, most Indians are proficient in English, and most students from India often go to English-speaking countries like the USA, the UK, and Australia for studies. Hence settling in may take time but it is not impossible. For those countries where English is not the primary language, most overseas educational consultants in Delhi will suggest that you learn the main language of the country before applying to study there.

Now let’s debunk some myths regarding overseas consultants. The most important ones are that they charge much money and that they are paid by universities to send students there. Both of these are false, as in many cases, the consultancy is often free, and the consultants charge money for the visa-related work. Coming to the second one, arose from some of the rotten apples that spoiled the basket. Most consultants are there to guide students to the right universities and keep their priorities in mind before making a suggestion. 

So, these are some myths and stereotypes regarding studying abroad and overseas consultants that you should not believe in.

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