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Students look at overseas education as a vibrant opportunity to get global exposure not only when it comes to education training and reputed courses, but also because of getting the chance to travel and meet people from different cultural backgrounds. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity which adds luster to the personality of any student. This is due to both the challenges in setting up one’s identity in a faraway land’, and ‘the various possibilities which attach to a person on meeting scores of people from different cultural backgrounds’.

Now the question pops up. How to make the study abroad dream a sparkling reality? To answer this, we create a list for you to follow.

  1. Ascertain Your Career Goals

On coming with the idea of studying abroad, first ask yourself and be clear on what you really want to achieve in life. Answering this question can be tough in the beginning but a little help from the right people can make it easy for you. The ‘right people’ are the certified overseas education consultants in Delhi, in case you stay around the capital city. The career counsellors can help you understand your career drive and passion through interaction and psychometric analysis (i.e., a test created to understand the interests and aptitude of a student).

2. Draw a Career Roadmap

On this point, you need to take a look at the countries and universities offering your preferred courses. You can search the websites of global universities to check what all courses they are teaching and what are the eligibility requirements. The advice of teachers and counsellors can play a great role here.

3. Identity Scholarships

It is a good idea to explore the scholarships to save on some tuition fee. If you are selected for a given scholarship then nothing better than that. The idea is to keep surfing until you get what fits you well. If you have time in hand, (say for instance, if you’re studying in 10th or 11th standard) you can make sure, your profile meets all the criteria’s to obtain the best scholarships in colleges abroad.

4. Start the Application & Documentation

You would need to submit your application to the universities through their website, with important documents such as the statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, language testing certificates, etc. You can side by side, apply for the student visa, so when the course starting date comes near, you already have the visa in your hand. Many students keep waiting for the visa at the end moment, while their course officially begins.

5. Look for Student Accommodation

Yes, before you are in the host country – know where you are actually going to stay. If staying on the main campus is expensive for you, then search for accommodation outside the campus, where you could share a flat with fellow students.

Take care of the above mentioned points and you’re covered. It is lovely to plan your overseas education, but getting advice from expert overseas education consultants in Delhi – could keep you a mark ahead in timely study abroad planning. If you have any queries, please call or WhatsApp us at 09899101239

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