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Statement of Purpose (S.O.P) is an essay that most of the universities expect their applicants to write, for admission in their Graduate programs. Here are some pointers prepared by the overseas education consultants in Delhi. You should keep them in mind while drafting your S.O.P.

  • Introspect & Jot Down Pointers in Rough

Be clear in your heart and mind, on what your long term goal is. Precisely, “how would the course you’re applying for, help you in achieving your career goals?” List down the pointers and you can begin drafting your S.O.P, once you know what you want out of the applied course. Narrate those points in well-defined paragraphs that feel like an interesting read.

  • Show Your Commitment

The Admissions Councils of colleges expect to see the side of you which is committed to excel and achieve goals in life. Be formal in your writing, since you’re not writing to a friend but Educationists. Having said that, you could express your desires profoundly; so the S.O.P. has an emotional touch attached.

  • Prepare & Do Your Homework

While students are thrilled by the idea of studying abroad, there should be equal effort put to analyze various universities one is applying to. If you’re a student, then make sure, you bring a difference (writing-wise) in your S.O.P. and draft it customized to every university you are applying to. Think about what value a certain course can add to your skill-sets or career objectives. The educationists would love to know your thoughts about the courses their university is offering.

  • Be Yourself

Give deeper insights into your interests, passion, and objectives in life. Write about your work experience, which can include community service or extra-curricular activities you have been a part of when in school. This can give your profile an advantage.

  • Proof-Reading Matters

Well drafted S.O.P. gives your application an edge, so make sure you read it multiple times before finalizing and sending it. Get it reviewed by your friends, teachers and a certified career counselor. Utilize the feedback, and create the perfect Statement of Purpose. The document should feel like a story you’re telling, and not disrupted statements or pointers.

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