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Quality education can take student’s places, and it is school where young minds are nurtured to bring their dreams to reality. Good schooling includes career counselling for students, where a certified counsellor hears them out and guides them accordingly.

Why career counselling is integral for students?

  1. Moral support: Counselling opens up gates of expression for students as they do not feel judged in the presence of a certified counsellor. This allows them to communicate their ideas, plans and interests, that further helps the counsellor to know the personality and talents of the students.
  2. Career options: Career counsellors share their knowledge of career options for students as per their aptitude and interests. The aptitude testing is done through psychometric tests for students, which is a fair process of analysing a student’s aptitude in different fields and it is presented as a report for students and their parents to identify the right career path.
  3. Global education awareness: Students learn about opportunities in their field of interest both nationally and internationally. They also learn about the pre-requisites of pursing a given career, such as, examinations to clear and documents required for overseas education, amongst others. This creates a roadmap for students to pursue a career and not waste any time wondering the road ahead.
  4. Be on the same page: The parents and children can be on the same page when it comes to career planning. The parents get to know about the career goals of their children and work together as a team to make them come true.

School students do not get into peer pressure when they are confident about their higher education plans. This bring out the best in them and allows them to live their lives to the fullest. There is no scope of miscommunication and the guardians and students can be proud of their decisions.

A career counsellor’s job might appear important only from a career point of view, but if seen from a bigger lens, it is a job that changes lives of students for their greater good. If you are looking for counselling then connect with the best career counsellor in Delhi Sakshi Mittal from University Leap. Book your appointment by calling +91 9899101239 or writing us at

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