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Ashoka University – One of the Finest Universities for Higher Education in India

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Ashoka University Study in India programme

Education plays the most important role in shaping up one’s life, personality, thinking and most importantly what one wants to achieve and become one day. No wonder how hard a student ponders about making a right career choice; the questions keep popping up about the subject/course/college selection until admission is finally secured.

One can’t deny the fact that the world of careers has evolved exceedingly well in the last 15-20 years, and there are a variety of career options now available in all the major fields. Awareness of these career options is the first step towards making a correct career-choice. That is where the education consultants in Delhi help students learn about the various opportunities according to the interest fields of the students.

Step into Ashoka University and explore new courses, campus life, internships, summer school facility and much more!!

Why study at Ashoka University?

What strikes to your mind when you hear the word “university”? Campus life, student-friendly atmosphere, access to a huge library? Well besides these thoughts, the most important thing that hits one’s head is the idea of making a prosperous future!

For having a bright future one needs to think big and aim big, isn’t it? Well, it takes a lot of strength and courage for making a university selection. How can you ensure that you made a correct decision? The following points will help you in making a sound decision:

  • Your interest area
  • Aptitude
  • Course available
  • Faculty 
  • Exposure provided
  • Future prospects
  • Job prospects

Once you’re done with this checklist, walk into Ashoka University and live your dream! Ashoka University is committed to establishing itself as an academic institution that provides intellectually curious students with a well-rounded liberal education comparable to any leading global educational institution. Not just this, it also provides all sorts of degree programs that help the students take a step forward towards their aspirations.

For more insight into this one can contact the study in India education consultants in Delhi.

Ashoka University, Study in India

What makes Ashoka a World Class University?

Here’s what Ashoka University has got for you,

  • Quality Education
  • Admission by Simple Application
  • Study Abroad Programmes:
  1. International Programme: This program offers exciting international opportunities that will serve to enhance the students’ learning experience and allow them to take on new academic challenges.
  2. Summer Abroad Programmes: This programme will provide the students access to courses taught at the top international institutions.
  3. Semester Abroad Programmes: Ashoka University is committed to offering its students the opportunity to spend a full semester abroad at one of its partner institutions.
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Library Services
  • Quality Residence Life
  • Gymnasium
  • Sports facilities with well-build practice areas and well-maintained playgrounds.
  • World Class Campus Life
  • Advanced Learning and Teaching Methodology
  • Student Friendly Atmosphere
  • Students get hands-on to a Balanced Theoretical and Practical Knowledge
  • Great Opportunity for in-Campus Internship
  • Fully Furnished Hostel Accommodations
  • All Types of Degree Courses Available

Hence, make the most of these facilities in one of the finest universities of India for higher studies, the Ashoka University.

For any queries or for the better understanding of the admission process in Ashoka University, feel free to get in touch with the Defence Colony education consultants in Delhi. E-mail :, Ph: 9899101239 / 01149322334

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