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study in ireland

Ireland is creating a buzz for being a popular higher education hub when it comes to the European countries. The country is well known for its quality education programmes matching the global standards, a testimony of which is the listing of its universities amongst the best universities globally. Elaborating on these lines, we are sharing some pointers that explain why Ireland should be on your list if you’re planning for higher education abroad. 

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  1. World-class Education

As said already, Ireland’s highest quality standards match the global education standards. Factly, the Irish government invests €182 million annually on research in Ireland’s higher education institutes. The education system of Ireland is one of the best in Europe, given its top 20 ranks given by IMD World Competitiveness Year in the year 2014. 

The Trinity College Dublin ranks 131 globally, while University College Dublin and National University of Ireland, Galway rank 201 and 225 respectively on the world university rankings. 

study in ireland

2. Extensive Cultural Experience 

Gaelic is the official language of Irish people but English is the primary language spoken widely by people in Ireland. According to a report, over 1,39,000 international students from 161 different countries collectively study in the country currently. This means a lot of cultural exposure for the students. Also, it’s a beautiful country to explore for hiking and other adventure/fun sports. Tourism is at a rising trend given the beauty and history the country has. 

3. Diverse Work Opportunities

On graduation, students can get a post-work visa between 12-24 months according to a student’s education and past work record. Career counsellors in Delhi can help students understand more details specific to their individual profile. 

4. Expand Your Experience

Explore the wide opportunities in your field of interest in Ireland. The benefits of studying away from home count, for instance, the students gain a sense of independence when they have to make their own decisions and take care of their food, lodging, etc. They get practical experience of managing things on their own! Moreover, the cultural understanding of Ireland adds as a plus and the travelling stories make one wiser.

Hence, consider Ireland as your higher education destination. In Delhi’s Defence Colony education consultants can help you plan your career move efficiently. Call us to book a free career counselling session in Delhi: 09899101239

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